Jun 12, 2017

i am a certified medical assistant

hi y'all!
many of you have been following my medical assistant schooling progress for the past 10 months.
saturday june 10th, i completed my entire MA program.  the past 10 months have slowly but surely flown by. i spent 9 months in school, and my last month working in a pediatric clinic and urgent care. the real world of healthcare is much different then the fun four hours of class. i enjoyed working in urgent care more than pediatric care- mainly because i got to see more interesting cases and got to do more there.

^^i had a surprise party waiting for me at my friends house on my last day. they blessed me with a cake and balloon/ dinner. so sweet. ^^

working in the real world  of healthcare was tough.
i saw many sad cases, many crazy people and had to be pushed from mentor to mentor, clinic to clinic. i had a really good experience at my clinic, but there was definitely difficult situations. i cried so much these past five weeks- before and after work, and on one occasion at work. it's not fun being branded as the STUDENT/NEWBIE and having to be taught things differently from every mentor. some people don't want a student around and have to deal with them- i get that. i made lots of mistakes, but i learned a lot. i had to hold back my tears when i was teased, or was being slow drawing up syringes or when i had to give shots to a newborn. i had to overlook mentors unloving behavior towards me, and just do my best. at the end of the day, i had to remind myself that i was doing the best i could- and i did.

i gave lots of shots, roomed patients, did all their vitals, cleaned out ears, swabbed throats, ran urine, charted, charted, charted, administered drugs, placed EKG leads, dealt with fussy/scared toddlers, did finger pokes etc. etc. etc.

the medical field is huge. love that i am in it. i am going to be pursuing work next month- hopefully i will find an urgent care i really like to work in.
i am hoping to go and get my LPN (licensed practitioner nurse) next year. in order to do that, i have to go get my CNA (certified nursing assistant) which is a degree below MA, but i have to get it to get into an LPN program. which is ok- it will give me more geriatric practice/training which will be cool.
i can't wait to continue my education.

here are a few pictures from my school days.
 ^^ as you can tell, i did not really enjoy the pig heart/lung lab^^
 ^^ my face!! XD XD XD^^
^^going through anatomy lab^^
 ^^me on my last day of school getting my MA pin from my wonderful teacher^^
 ^^me and my best school bud^^