Jan 8, 2017

your inspiration for school + work this week

i don't know about you guys, but work + school really stresses me out.
so much so, that it's all i can think about sometimes. i worry so much that it affects my sleep and my school work. 
but i really don't want to carry on like this for the rest of my school term. 

i have been reminded of one of the reasons why i wanted to join the medical field in the first place.
i love people. I'm a people person. i want to do whatever i can to help others- especially those hurting.
i was sitting in the movie theater recently, and a movie trailer played- a movie based off an american catastrophe. i watched the events unfold throughout the trailer, and i started to tear up as i saw all the hurting people, being rushed to hospitals where they could be helped. 
and then i remembered- ah! there it is! that's why i want to do this!
i hope i don't keep forgetting the WHY behind what i'm doing.
even when things get tough, i hope i can come back to this WHY.

here are some quotes that i have found inspiring.

all images are straight from Pinterest- i do not own or claim to own any of them. 

is anybody else having a busy school/work schedule?

xx morg 


  1. Aw, all of these quotes made me smile. Especially the "inner Beyonce" one. Totally inspiring. ;)

  2. These are all really great quotes! Just keep your chin up, and always remind yourself why you're doing what you are doing.

    My life isn't busy yet, but it's about to be. I applied for a part time job (eek!), and am starting ballroom dancing lessons once a week, atop my once a week stable days. All I have to do is think about how little time I'll have to relax once these things go full force and I'm all "never mind I don't want to grow up." (Not to mention I keep injuring myself and have adrenal issues, ug).

    But mostly, I'm excited. It's all new and fun, and I just have to remember why I started everything I do. I'm all too good at taking an interest so seriously, that I forgot that I started it because it was fun. *cough horseback riding and writing cough*

    And stress is a thing that plagues me sometimes. But I'm trying to figure out ways to not be stressed. Mostly, I try not to think about life when I'm tired. I just constantly remind myself "less pressure, more fun. That's why we're here. Fun." and smile. Always, always, always smile. It makes a world of a difference.

    1. Thank you for sharing Alina! What part time job did you apply for? That's exciting!
      You will have to blog about your ballroom dancing- I'm super curious to see that.

    2. lol, only took me a week to remember to reply. XD

      I applied for a job at Starbucks, as a barista. Here's hoping I get it, 'cause my fallback is Fred Meyer's. They're a great story, but I don't really wanna work there. All the jobs sound boring. XD

      I have finished a blog post on my dancing adventures (yeah I moved blogs again. At this point, I change blogs so often I don't even bother telling people 'cause who knows how long it'll last XD): http://alinanadinebookreveiws.blogspot.com/2017/01/ballroom-dancing.html