Jan 4, 2017

new year [welcome 2 0 1 7 ]

^^ one of the only photos i got from the new years eve party- me and my childhood bestie sarah ^^

the last day of 2016 was a really good day. matt and i went to get sushi with some friends, and then afterwards we all headed to the woods and hiked a few miles. it was freezing, but we kept hiking, and discovered lots of cool locations, fished strange objects out of the pond and carved our names into trees. that evening, most of our community got together for a new years party. i wore my sparkliest necklace and earrings- because new years parties need lots of sparkles. we spent five hours together, eating unhealthy food, chatting and visiting. anna and i were getting in as much sugar and dairy as we could before the clock stuck 12- we're dairy free (and sugar free) for 2017.  time suddenly sped forward to 11:50, and we all bustled outside to wait. when 11:59 hit, we heard people already whooping and hollering, fireworks going off and sound makers going crazy. we counted down from ten, and then we did our own hollering and whooping. most of us kids then ran off a bit further down the road to get a better view of the fireworks. matt hoisted me onto his shoulders so i could get a better view. afterwards, we went back inside to toast with different flavors of cider to the new year. our whole community is making big changes this year- and we're all excited about them. i took annie aside to show her my rough draft of my 2016 review video- half of our friends congregated behind us to watch too.  we all started to say our goodbyes, and pack up. 
it was a great new years party.

p.s if any of you are dairy free/ sugar free- i'd love to have as many resources as i can to healthier recipes/restaurants that serve DF/SF food?
p.p.s what are YOUR new years resolutions? 

xx morg 

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  1. That's so awesome that you're going DF+SF! I'm completely gluten-free, and probably 80% DF, though I don't think I could do sugar. XD Whenever I'm craving something sweet or snack-ish, I have Lara Bites on hand, though they can get a tad expensive. They're simply a bunch of dates, almonds (or cashews or other assorted nuts), and other really simple ingredients. I don't think any of them had added sugar... Those have been a lifesaver in my pursuit of health. Good luck!

    Thrive cafe in Seattle(?) is AWESOME. They have fully raw cheesecakes (made with cashews) and lots of other awesome dishes.