Jan 11, 2017

i was tired of having gray hair so i dyed it

ok, so technically i don't have ANY gray hair, but my natural hair color is a ashy/blonde/brown that looks gray everytime i put product in it. i haven't dyed my hair since fall 2015- and i told myself i wasn't allowed to dye my hair until the next summer. however, by the time next summer came along i had cut my hair into a pixie and i couldn't really dye it what i wanted. so i kinda forgot about it because my natural hair color surprised me and i started to like it.

however, yesterday i was sitting in the salon chair having all my locks cut off and the idea struck me again. my hair was looking gray because of the powder the stylist put into it and i very quickly decided to dye my hair. it was very funny, because the color i wanted was on clearance for $2 at target. ;D

so, here's my new cut and color!
( it's a dark brown mahogany )
xx morg


  1. I LOVE the pixie cut and adore the color! it really suits you :)

  2. There are some people that any color/haircut looks amazing on, and you are one of those people. There's a little hair envy going on over here. ;)

  3. Eeek so beautiful!! You chose a great color and look fab. <3 Good shots!!

    sophie xx
    lavender and blue
    the inkpot girl

  4. That color looks amazing on you!! :)

    ~Lydia~ <3