Jan 1, 2017

[2 0 1 6 year in photos adieu]

i have been hearing and reading and watching different peoples opinions of 2016.
the most popular opinion is that 2016 sucked. 
i don't know if it sucked- that seems a little strong to me.

but it definitely wasn't the highlight year of my life. 
 it wasn't as exciting or busy as 2015.
it had some ups and downs.

i'm very excited about 2017.
so many firsts and exciting new opportunities are coming around in 2017.
lets do this.

if you would like to see my favorite images I took from this year, click here

here is my 2016.

  • nothing super exciting happened.
  • i watched my first seahawks game.
  • i chopped my hair off into a bob.
  • i started editing differently.
  • i got a new job as a nanny (still working this position)

  • kids kids and more kids. nothing but nannying and babysitting
  • auditions for save lives apologize
  • lots of deep lake walks
  • anna does a photo shoot of me
  • late night viewing of Pride + Prejudice+ Zombies
  • tried really hard to take more photos and make pretty pictures
  • more deep lake walks
  • ashley and matt come to visit, and we go to portland for a day trip.
  • the johnsons and us celebrate 1 and 2 years of living in WA.
^^may the kangaroo ladies live forever^^

  • location scouting for movies with friends
  • two day shoot of save lives apologize
  • playdates
  • i bought an ikea room set
  • i joined a kangaroo club. ;) 
  • I chopped all my hair off
  • went to see batman vs superman with friends
  • went to see civil war with friends
  • may day celebration and meeting new friends
  • the empower-M.INT
  • deep lake evenings
  • location scouting adventures
  • mom and aunt hobby fly to GA, and us girls have a two day sleepover
  • mothers day

  • playdates and yard sales
  • babysitting little friends
  • intense BBG workouts and doing yoga
  • fathers day
  • filmed "forbidden love"
  • i enroll in college and begin my MA training
  • i fly to GA to visit my family for a few days
  • i assist with my friends LCC entry film 
  • my sister flies up for a weekend
  • me and my siblings go dress shopping for an upcoming wedding
  • school training- i do my first set of injections
  • more IMPULSE filming
  • rachel's bachelorette party!

  • Rachel & Max's wedding
  • maris farm trip
  • Halloween party- I make my costume and cosplay Joy from Inside Out
  • several haunted wood party nights


  • jr. Mint
  • matt's birthday in seaatle- we rode the ferry!
  • the christmas party + dance
  • fashion shoots with Rachel Jordan Beauty 
  • sushi trip + adventuring with friends
  • new years eve party 
my sister lauryn wrote a way more detailed year in review if you'd like to see- click here

and lastly, my 2016 video.
i hope everyone had a great new years eve, and will have a wonderful 2017!
happy new year!


  1. It was fun seeing the pictures and reading what your year was like!

    How is the nanny job going?

    You cosplayed Joy from Inside Out . . . YES. xD