Jan 29, 2017

january 1st [ forgotten frames]

on the first day of this new year, my siblings and i walked down to the barn near us, and bumped into our friends who board their horses there. we had a snow ball fight, petted the horses, and ran from that demon pony pictured above.

xx morg

Jan 23, 2017

monday inspiration [ youtube version]

here are a few of my favorite youtube videos that have inspired me/made me happy or helped me to keep working hard.

^^ i had to watch this video for school and it really inspired and encouraged me^^

^^ i can't tell you how much i love this song and video. i came upon this when i was drowning under anxiety, stress and worry about my work and school. it makes me so happy, and encourages me^^

^^this video always makes me feel more empowered about becoming a nurse- and it always makes me tear up.^^

what videos/songs/quotes are inspiring to you? tell me in the comments below!

xx morg

Jan 15, 2017

and that's a wrap! [short film]

^^this is a pic noah caught- i love it!^^

my brother is directing his first short film for a film submission. today was our last day of shooting! i can't wait for you all to see it- it will probably be public in a month. here are just a few pics i took throughout the days. i played a very short role- which was fun!

xx morg
p.s thank you all so much for your sweet comments regarding my last post. ;)

Jan 11, 2017

i was tired of having gray hair so i dyed it

ok, so technically i don't have ANY gray hair, but my natural hair color is a ashy/blonde/brown that looks gray everytime i put product in it. i haven't dyed my hair since fall 2015- and i told myself i wasn't allowed to dye my hair until the next summer. however, by the time next summer came along i had cut my hair into a pixie and i couldn't really dye it what i wanted. so i kinda forgot about it because my natural hair color surprised me and i started to like it.

however, yesterday i was sitting in the salon chair having all my locks cut off and the idea struck me again. my hair was looking gray because of the powder the stylist put into it and i very quickly decided to dye my hair. it was very funny, because the color i wanted was on clearance for $2 at target. ;D

so, here's my new cut and color!
( it's a dark brown mahogany )
xx morg

Jan 8, 2017

your inspiration for school + work this week

i don't know about you guys, but work + school really stresses me out.
so much so, that it's all i can think about sometimes. i worry so much that it affects my sleep and my school work. 
but i really don't want to carry on like this for the rest of my school term. 

i have been reminded of one of the reasons why i wanted to join the medical field in the first place.
i love people. I'm a people person. i want to do whatever i can to help others- especially those hurting.
i was sitting in the movie theater recently, and a movie trailer played- a movie based off an american catastrophe. i watched the events unfold throughout the trailer, and i started to tear up as i saw all the hurting people, being rushed to hospitals where they could be helped. 
and then i remembered- ah! there it is! that's why i want to do this!
i hope i don't keep forgetting the WHY behind what i'm doing.
even when things get tough, i hope i can come back to this WHY.

here are some quotes that i have found inspiring.

all images are straight from Pinterest- i do not own or claim to own any of them. 

is anybody else having a busy school/work schedule?

xx morg 

Jan 4, 2017

new year [welcome 2 0 1 7 ]

^^ one of the only photos i got from the new years eve party- me and my childhood bestie sarah ^^

the last day of 2016 was a really good day. matt and i went to get sushi with some friends, and then afterwards we all headed to the woods and hiked a few miles. it was freezing, but we kept hiking, and discovered lots of cool locations, fished strange objects out of the pond and carved our names into trees. that evening, most of our community got together for a new years party. i wore my sparkliest necklace and earrings- because new years parties need lots of sparkles. we spent five hours together, eating unhealthy food, chatting and visiting. anna and i were getting in as much sugar and dairy as we could before the clock stuck 12- we're dairy free (and sugar free) for 2017.  time suddenly sped forward to 11:50, and we all bustled outside to wait. when 11:59 hit, we heard people already whooping and hollering, fireworks going off and sound makers going crazy. we counted down from ten, and then we did our own hollering and whooping. most of us kids then ran off a bit further down the road to get a better view of the fireworks. matt hoisted me onto his shoulders so i could get a better view. afterwards, we went back inside to toast with different flavors of cider to the new year. our whole community is making big changes this year- and we're all excited about them. i took annie aside to show her my rough draft of my 2016 review video- half of our friends congregated behind us to watch too.  we all started to say our goodbyes, and pack up. 
it was a great new years party.

p.s if any of you are dairy free/ sugar free- i'd love to have as many resources as i can to healthier recipes/restaurants that serve DF/SF food?
p.p.s what are YOUR new years resolutions? 

xx morg 

Jan 1, 2017

[2 0 1 6 year in photos adieu]

i have been hearing and reading and watching different peoples opinions of 2016.
the most popular opinion is that 2016 sucked. 
i don't know if it sucked- that seems a little strong to me.

but it definitely wasn't the highlight year of my life. 
 it wasn't as exciting or busy as 2015.
it had some ups and downs.

i'm very excited about 2017.
so many firsts and exciting new opportunities are coming around in 2017.
lets do this.

if you would like to see my favorite images I took from this year, click here

here is my 2016.

  • nothing super exciting happened.
  • i watched my first seahawks game.
  • i chopped my hair off into a bob.
  • i started editing differently.
  • i got a new job as a nanny (still working this position)

  • kids kids and more kids. nothing but nannying and babysitting
  • auditions for save lives apologize
  • lots of deep lake walks
  • anna does a photo shoot of me
  • late night viewing of Pride + Prejudice+ Zombies
  • tried really hard to take more photos and make pretty pictures
  • more deep lake walks
  • ashley and matt come to visit, and we go to portland for a day trip.
  • the johnsons and us celebrate 1 and 2 years of living in WA.
^^may the kangaroo ladies live forever^^

  • location scouting for movies with friends
  • two day shoot of save lives apologize
  • playdates
  • i bought an ikea room set
  • i joined a kangaroo club. ;) 
  • I chopped all my hair off
  • went to see batman vs superman with friends
  • went to see civil war with friends
  • may day celebration and meeting new friends
  • the empower-M.INT
  • deep lake evenings
  • location scouting adventures
  • mom and aunt hobby fly to GA, and us girls have a two day sleepover
  • mothers day

  • playdates and yard sales
  • babysitting little friends
  • intense BBG workouts and doing yoga
  • fathers day
  • filmed "forbidden love"
  • i enroll in college and begin my MA training
  • i fly to GA to visit my family for a few days
  • i assist with my friends LCC entry film 
  • my sister flies up for a weekend
  • me and my siblings go dress shopping for an upcoming wedding
  • school training- i do my first set of injections
  • more IMPULSE filming
  • rachel's bachelorette party!

  • Rachel & Max's wedding
  • maris farm trip
  • Halloween party- I make my costume and cosplay Joy from Inside Out
  • several haunted wood party nights


  • jr. Mint
  • matt's birthday in seaatle- we rode the ferry!
  • the christmas party + dance
  • fashion shoots with Rachel Jordan Beauty 
  • sushi trip + adventuring with friends
  • new years eve party 
my sister lauryn wrote a way more detailed year in review if you'd like to see- click here

and lastly, my 2016 video.
i hope everyone had a great new years eve, and will have a wonderful 2017!
happy new year!