Dec 18, 2016

Christmas Party 2016

we had our community christmas party friday night. it was a fun night, filled with several surprises, caroling, dancing and lots of sugary treats. 
(photo creds to Rachel & Faith)

^^our surprise christmas swing dance that we performed for everybody! It was choreographed and practiced in about a months time. we spent a LOT of time practicing, which all paid off!

xx morg


  1. These are such great photos! The one of Lauryn is especially great! She looks so pretty!

    The swing dancing looks like SOOO MUCH FUN. ARg. I need to dance more, because it's the best. Who choreographed the dance?

    1. thank you mah dear! Lauryn definitely is a beaut! ;) <3
      Thank you! The choreography was a group effort between us and the Polings :D We spent a LOT of time practicing it!! We hope to do more dances in the future. Since our flash mob dance at the wedding, we've realized how much we missed dancing! :D