Sep 3, 2016

a post full of excuses about my absence // life of lately

hi guys!
i know i have been a little AWOL lately- my apologies.
i have really wanted to blog and share snippets of my life, i have just been super busy.
here are a few things i have been up to...

i started college! i enrolled at the end of july, and started last monday. for those of you who don't know, i'm going to get my MA certification (Medical Assistant). it has definitely been a challenge so far- i'm thankful for my mom who clears her schedule to help me process and and do my school.  i graduate next june!

me, sarah and anna all went and got our cartridges pierced. this is me and anna's second time  getting this done together- our last ones grew in and mine got really infected. so we had it re-done, and sarah joined us this time and got TWO!! no fair!! ;)

pc faith (lauryn and i sun bathing during choreo practice)
our friend's, faith and noah are doing their own LCC (lightsaber choreography contest) this year. me and my siblings are helping them- matt is acting, lauryn A.D and i'm handling the costume department. i'm really excited about how it will turn out. 
 ^^pc by lauryn^^

a week before school started, i flew down to GA to visit my family. it will probably be awhile before i can go back down because of school. i always enjoy my time with my family, and leaving them always leaves my heart hurting. 
^^me with my sister and bro-in-law^^

^^flying into seattle^^

when i got back, us and the girls spent all day shopping for dresses- we have an upcoming wedding we're all going to. i had such a hard time finding the perfect dress- there just isn't a wide variety of formal dresses that match my type 1 personality.  i was just about to buy a dress that i knew didn't look or feel quite right, but it was my best option. around this point i was desperate, so sarah and aunt hobby went and grabbed me a bunch of dresses i had glanced at. out of desperation i tried on a lot of dresses i knew i was probably not gonna like, but i tried them on anyway. and to my great surprise, a dress aunt hobby had picked out for me was PERFECT! i cannot wait to share it with you guys. ;)

and now, i'll end this post with a few shots i've taken over the past month. enjoy!
 this chicken randomly walks around the horse barn the girls work at- it's very entertaining. 

xx morg