Jul 18, 2016

Delight & Be Workshop {Pateros Washington}

several months ago, i saw that Delight & Be were hosting a photography workshop not too far from me. not only was i super excited about the idea of a photography workshop close by, i was SUPER excited that it would be taught by Janelle Putrich-who, if you didn't know, has always been one of my favorite (if not my absolute favorite) photographers. 
i didn't have the money up front, so my little sister very willingly lent me the moolah-thanks lulu!
now i was super super super excited! i have never had the opportunity to be around girls my age who had the same interest in pursuing a photography business-as well as knowing about film photography. 
and they did not disappoint.
such a talented group of girls!
 i was super happy to have met them. two of them had followed my blog back in the early blogging days! how crazy is that?!
due to a mistake with Siri being our GPS, we ended up an hour away from where we were supposed to be-and we were late. Kristen Wall was kind enough to wait and meet me at the Wenatchee Walgreens. i was stressed out about us being late-but i pulled it together and got exited again!
as soon as Kristen got there and introductions were passed around, we headed to her car and put my stuff in the trunk. the first attendee to greet me was Grace K Photography. i immediately liked her. 
when we first got there, Elizabeth Lauren and Janelle showered us with hugs and gifts! we went outside to shoot pictures of some of our gifts. ^^here Elizabeth is taking pictures of the talented Shilo Alyse Photography.
miss Grace- so talented and fun! i really enjoyed getting to know her, and was super excited that she doesn't live too too far away! 
miss Janelle-making us all look good!
 we were all having a blast 'shooting' each other! :D
a girl named Marcia (i'm sure a lot of you remember her if you have been in the blogger world for several years) flew all the way from Colorado to make sure we had three meals a day, as well as an infinite amount of coffee! i was super excited to meet her in person, because she used to follow my earlier blog and she would comment-and we both followed the same blogs back in the day. thank you Marcia!
 Janelle and i were usually the first peeps up-we both needed to shower and get ready before everyone else got up (short hair girl probzzz). i caught this fun image of her making her breakfast while i sat at the bar watching gilmore girls. ;)
i shared a room with five of the girls. we were usually all up till two-ish.
 saturday morning, Grace and i explored the Delight House while everyone else was still inside getting ready. it is so pretty in Pateros, i absolutely love the weather there! we stayed outside chatting for a little while.
 miss Hosanna. me oh my how this girl made us laugh-she is so funny and fun to be around!
 after Elizabeth's first lesson saturday morning, it was time to do head shots. Elizabeth and Janelle blessed us by giving us some pro makeovers as WELL as our own professional head shots!
 ^^beautiful Jackie-inside and out!^^
 super-spunky and cute, miss madeline is super fun!
 ^^miss Aurora. she made me feel so welcomed and she is so friendly and sweet-not even mentioning her crazy photography skills!
 ^^miss Savannah-our technology whiz and gorgeous model.^^
Elizabeth did an amazing job putting together a stylized shoot for us girls! here are a few of my shots, along with the vendors' handles. <3

Styling by: @HRJevents https://www.instagram.com/hrjevents/
Florals by: @modernPodFloristry https://www.instagram.com/modernpodfloristry/
HMUA: @JanellePutrich  
Dress: @Bella.sera.wenatchee https://www.instagram.com/bella.sera.wenatchee/
Models: Rae https://www.instagram.com/koala_bear_rae/
Hunter https://www.instagram.com/hnrc12/
Modeling agency @ModelsInc
Invites by @ImMarciaMary

^^miss Madison! i am SO happy i got to meet her! she used to follow one of my early blogs, and was always supportive of my photography. she is just as sweet in person as she is online. <3

 the next morning we spent a few hours with Janelle, who was bestowing her photography wisdom on us. she had set up a model shoot for us, but our model never showed up. Kristin worked her magic and found us a gorgeous model-who actually isn't a 'model'. but you never would have been able to tell.
^^pc Kristin^^
miss Madeline is such a cutie! she willingly posed for me. :D
^^me and Marcia, bright and early Monday morning. 
pc Kristen^^
monday morning we packed our bags and said our adieus. it was an hour+ drive to the Wenatchee airport, where we said all of our goodbyes.
it was such a fun weekend with these lovely ladies-i'm really glad i went.

here are a few lovely photos Janelle captured of me.

xx morg


  1. That looks so incredibly fun! The pictures are FLAWLESS. Love this post soooo much!

  2. So many great pictures!! This must have been so fun!

  3. Oh my goodness. #1 You are an amazing photographer. #2 That sounds like a lot of fun to get to learn from and hang out with some fellow photographers. Also, that looks like a lot of fun in general. ;) #3 GILMORE GIRLS. All the yesses. :)

  4. Yay!! Everything looks great! I'm so glad it went well!