May 25, 2016

Washington explorations

 thursday afternoon we met at my house, and made mac & cheese, and PB&J's. it was just like old times. after lunch we piled into the car and headed out to enumclaw. we couldn't find a particular location we were hoping to find for our film, so we went looking elsewhere.   we explored unknown territory, and came across sights that made me happy to live in WA- even though i already am. ;)
the lighting was just perfect for photo shoots, so i asked sarah if she'd be a model- of course she said yes, and KILLED it. after awhile of exploring, and discussing the safety precautions of filming in certain areas, we headed to mcdonalds, where the employees forgot to make me my iced mocha- so i was waiting for awhile. on the drive home, we cranked up the radio and all sang ed sheeran's "thinking out loud" and we danced as much as you can while buckle up. 
summer is here.

xx morg

May 23, 2016

Kayla Itsines BBG Week 2


feeling stronger and stronger- same workout but less difficult. :D

 LISS day! i have started running! it helps de-stress me SO much! continuing  healthier eating habits.

abs and arm workout successful! i've noticed more toning on my arms & legs!

LISS day! didn't have time to do a full 45 minute run- so i did 30 mins of less on the elliptical. 

Friday & Saturday 
me and my family were at a conference friday and saturday- so we ate out for every meal. i had sushi & salad for lunch both days- my dinners less healthy. ;) i didn't have time to do my friday workout- so i did it sunday.

hatha yoga, LISS and friday's workout all combined in one day! getting to de-stress and eat healthier than previous two days. 
^^sundays delicious lunch. trying out some coconut water- can't say i care for it all that much. ;)^^

xx morg

May 18, 2016