Apr 25, 2016

the beauty of blurry photography

i have been getting simpler with the presets i use for my photography.
i love grain, and i especially love grain with b&w's. but lately, i've discovered a b&w preset in vsco's 00 package that is super simple and could probably pass for an instagram filter.  along with this preset, i have been really liking putting it to some of my blurriest shots. i love blurry photography- some of my favoritest images i've ever taken are blurry. i understand a lot of people probably don't understand the art of blurry photography- i think it's an acquired taste. i have always been attracted to artistic photography, and blurry falls under the category of artistic- so don't feel terrible if you accidentally take a blurry photo. ;)

here are a few of my favoritest blurry photos i've taken.

 ^^this photo was one i shot at mark & jennifer's wedding. i almost trashed it during editing because of the blurry-ness. so thankful i didn't. this lovely couple has several different versions of this shot framed in their home, and is often the wife's profile pic on Facebook. ^^
blurry is beautiful...

xx morg


  1. That dog looks quite disgruntled at something. XD And I've always found blurry photos to be really interesting. :)

  2. Accidentally blurry photos are the best. :) Love this post!!! <3

    Sophia xx
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