Apr 29, 2016

location scouting in the country

lulu said my hair looked pretty and multi-colored, so i asked her to take some pics. so glad i spent 20+ minutes curling my hair for the rain to flatten it... ;)

another location scout for our upcoming film. we drove all over the country for this one. this location was beautiful, even though i was about to fall over * slight exaggeration * because i was panting so hard. the struggle with being the photographer in the group is being left behind to take pictures of everyone in front. ;)

xx morg

Apr 27, 2016

Apr 25, 2016

the beauty of blurry photography

i have been getting simpler with the presets i use for my photography.
i love grain, and i especially love grain with b&w's. but lately, i've discovered a b&w preset in vsco's 00 package that is super simple and could probably pass for an instagram filter.  along with this preset, i have been really liking putting it to some of my blurriest shots. i love blurry photography- some of my favoritest images i've ever taken are blurry. i understand a lot of people probably don't understand the art of blurry photography- i think it's an acquired taste. i have always been attracted to artistic photography, and blurry falls under the category of artistic- so don't feel terrible if you accidentally take a blurry photo. ;)

here are a few of my favoritest blurry photos i've taken.

 ^^this photo was one i shot at mark & jennifer's wedding. i almost trashed it during editing because of the blurry-ness. so thankful i didn't. this lovely couple has several different versions of this shot framed in their home, and is often the wife's profile pic on Facebook. ^^
blurry is beautiful...

xx morg

Apr 22, 2016

respect yourself

i don't respect my car.

my brother (or possibly sister?) and i were driving around awhile back, and we stopped for some ice cream (or lunch... i can't remember.)
while we were tearing into our food, (we're still in my car) my sister (or brother) started throwing the trash down into my floorboard,  and said; "i like that i don't have to pick up after myself in your car, because you don't!"

my first reaction was to get angry- get your freaking trash off my floor!
but before saying or communicating anything, i realized she (he) was right.

i don't respect my car. it stinks, and has trash floating in the floorboard. it's dusty, and i rarely wash it.
i usually straighten it up when i'm nannying- so my poor kids will be able to move.
but she (he) was right. i don't respect my car.

all in this moment, of my sister (brother) throwing trash down, i started to think about how similar this situation is to us as humans.
if you don't respect yourself, nobody else will either.
if you dump trash on yourself, other people will too- and laugh about it! in response to this, we will get angry at the person participating. this would all be very confusing to the person on the receiving end...
i just threw trash in your floorboard, because you threw trash in your floorboard... i didn't know you didn't like it!

don't throw trash on yourself- or your neighbors!
and respect your car as well. ;)
me and my favorite (only) brother. ;)

xx morg

Apr 19, 2016

what would you like to see?

i asked my sister to take a few shots of me "looking productive" with my pen for this thumbnail pic.
XD ;)

hi y'all!
so i've been thinking a little bit about the direction of this blog, and what i'm trying to accomplish.
i know that this blog is a collecting place for my random and hobby photography/ journaling my life.
but i feel like there possibly could be more to do with it?

is there a particular subject you would like me to write about or even photograph?
do you have any questions of any nature?
should i do a q&a?
what would you like to see more frequently on here?

let me know your thoughts, because i'd LOVE to hear them!

xx morg

Apr 15, 2016

IKEA Tarva Series // Room Transformation- Before & After

alright guys! here's my room transformation Vlog!
it took two days to finish building the furniture! it was a lot of work, but i really enjoyed it.
all is in the Vlog below!
xx morg

Apr 13, 2016

location scouting

last week me and the sibbys went location scouting for our upcoming film. i think we found a couple of winners for several scenes. hopefully we will be filming this summer- fingers crossed!

xx morg