Feb 12, 2016

Walk at Deep Lake

a few frames from our family hike the other day. 
 this is what happens when i try to be artistic around my family- my mom starts to try and take pics of me, my sisters finger is holding down the shutter, and my dad decides to photobomb and pull my hair. XD 
we saw a couple of eagles on our way home.

i am pooped- i've been nannying almost all day for the past four days. looking forward to a nice weekend.

have a lovely weekend!
xx morg


  1. Those are beautiful! I've always wanted to become better at photography, and pictures likes these always inspire me. I would say my favorite is the fifth down. 'Tis beautiful.

  2. These are such sweet shots! Looks like a super fun adventure.
    (Also, I nominated you for The Happy Tag on my blog if you're interested!)

    Sophia xx | lantern-in-her-hand.blogspot.com

    1. Oh, thank you Sophia! I shall check out this tag!