Feb 8, 2016

From long to bob- the great hair growing adventure.

hi y'all!
so, as promised, here is a post about me cutting my hair! yay!

so, as many of you know, i have been committed to NOT CUTTING MY HAIR since i started growing it out the beginning of 2014.
but, alas. things change.

i decided to cut my hair because it had died- a frizzy and split end death.
after bleaching it twice, dyeing it purple all summer, and three brown dyes- it had died.

let's take a look down memory lane...
 ^^First dye of 2015- decided to go all over blonde with purple^^
 ^^decided to dye mah hair all over purple for fun- and for the star wars fan film i acted in over the summer^^
 ^^time for the purple to go. i knew it was time when the ends of my hair were so dry and brittle they were breaking and looked terrible. my hairdresser was very concerned. i went back to a color close to my natural- however, there was too much purple (you can barely see it still in my pony tail) so I had to go back again.^^
 ^^few days after going brown- hair starts to turn green^^
^^dyed hair red to counteract the green^^

^^annnnnnd the process of the past few years^^

you can see in the last photo how dry and yucky is was starting to look. the thought of first cutting it came to me after washing it. it was getting really annoying to wash because it was ALWAYS tangled, and every time i would brush through it, i lost an abundance of hair. 
i first considered going back to a pixie, but i had sworn i would never do that again- because the growing out process is so painful. 
the day i decided to cut it- i settled for a bob. but i was adamant against a blunt bob (i've had one of those before- not my favorite look.)

i didn't have to show a bazillion photos to my hairdresser-which was a first. i showed her the above image and she immediately knew what to do, and started asking me if i would like it textured, etc.

instead of the normal cut that i've been use too, she sawed it off, giving it a more spliced/ texturized look- which i love. no blunt bob!

for some reason, this hair adventure had me really nervous. usually I'm super excited about my hair appointments, but this time i was super nervous- and excited. i had to have moral support- so i called up anna and callah. ;)

anddd to give you a better feel for the day- here is my vlog!

annnnnddddddddddd the end result!
i wuv it! i like curling my hair- i can't believe i'm just now getting into it. i'm really happy with it, and glad i didn't go back to a pixie.  i've come to realize that short hair suits me better than long. according to Dressing Your Truth (which is AWESOME by the way- you should definitely check it out) i am a type 1, and short hair fits my personality best- because i'm bouncy. ;)

anyhoo, i hope you enjoyed this post!
xx morg


  1. Perfectly darling cut; you look super cute! <3

    Ava :)

  2. Wow, that's a LOT of dying your hair, but the bob looks adorable. :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, it is indeed- that's not even counting how many times I've dyed it since I was 15. ;)