Feb 28, 2016

february re-cap

started full time- nannying

went on a walk

re-arranged my room

drove to new places

started vlogging weekly

i went to bouncy houses and was referred as "mom" to my nanny kid

i started blogging/ photographing again.

i have been catching up with agent carter season 2

i went and saw pride & prejudice & zombies (loved it)

 it has been raining almost nonstop

i watched movies with friends

i got valentine succulents

i spent a day painting

i sat around the fire with friends talking about painful times

i addressed issues

the sun showed it's face for a few days

i taught "my" boys basic lightsaber fight techniques

i went shopping for upcoming film costumes

i observed film auditions

i took "my" three year old to library reading time

i've watched more peppa pig then i care to admit

started studying about dressing your truth and learning to dress my truth 

i wrote and directed a film

i finally upgraded my mac

started to budget

been super tired

wrote a lot

cleaned my room


a freaky guy in the mall freaked me out

did an in-home photo shoot

bought lots of pink shirts

watched a "few" new movies

prayed for the future

hope you had a lovely february!
xx morg


  1. I love this so much! As always, your photos are very, very wBEAUTIFUL!! Hope you have a lovely March as well!

    1. p.s. Don't know how that random "w" got there. How did I not see that? Haha! :)

    2. Hahaha! Thank you so much Eve! LOL that "w" is funny XD

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    1. Great post! Looks like you had a fantastic February full of lots of new accomplishments. <3 That last photos is beautiful!

      Sophia xx | lantern-in-her-hand.blogspot.com

    2. Thank you Sophia Noelle! :)

  3. Yay! I love posts like this! :)

    Full time nanny = you are a brave woman, but I bet it's a lot of fun too. :)

    There is something about being mistaken for being the mother of little children that I find especially hilarious... I was once sitting off to the side at an out-door-party just quietly holding the most adorable new-born baby and an older lady came up and started talking to me exactly like she thought it was mine. Crazy as it might sound, it's actually one of my favorite memories. :)

    "Dressing your truth" and that sort of thing has really been fascinating me lately, too! Do you think you might do some posts about it?

    I'm really glad you started blogging again!

    1. Hi Eowyn!
      Thank you so much for your comment- it made me smile!
      Haha, I agree! It's fun to be referred to as "mom", it's quite entertaining, and makes me more excited about having my own children someday.

      I'm so happy you are interested in Dressing Your Truth! It has been so helpful to me, and validating. I'm serious, have you identified your type? I will definitely be writing some posts/vlogs about it! Thanks for your interest!!

      Thanks again!