Jan 1, 2016

2015 adieu, favorite shots and resolutions

it came and went so fast. it started out a little rocky, but it just got smoother and smoother.
this has to be one of the fastest (and best) years of my life- yet it feels like forever ago.
i've gained friends, and reunited with old ones. i started new jobs, and left old ones. i got a new camera, and started getting serious about my photography business. i dyed my hair purple and acted in a LCC film. i got bangs, and i nanny'ed full time. i went to Oregon, and traveled around WA. i went to dirt bike races, and rode in the back of the truck, and sang songs in the woods, and almost passed out on a hike. i flew to GA, and got kicked out of a casino. i made daisy chains, and put them in my hair. i went through haunted woods, and swung really high on the swing set. i visited mt. rainier, and went to a toby mac/ chris tomlin concert. i made and wrote short films, went swimming, babysat, dog sat and house sat. i went to see lots of movies, and ate out way too much. i stayed up all night at a gym sleep over. i drew air bending tattoos up my legs and arms. i walked down sketchy alley ways, and went and saw a horror film. i tried and failed at a 365 project. matt and i started fandom fox.

here are my favorite images throughout 2015

And now, to go through the last 12 months. :)
my first shoot of the year! a stylized bridal shoot.
the property across the road from us cut all their trees down. it was a perfect photo op. 
my first sewing project of the year- actually, my only sewing project from the year.. lol

february was a pretty boring month- but we did do a community dance night!
My brother and sister came up for a week in March! We had to show them the sights in Seattle!
We went and saw Cinderella (I went twice!) and then bought it. I was very sick during this visit- I had bronchitis, and it didn't go away for almost a month. I felt terrible. 
My childhood best friends moved up to WA! We had a lot of fun helping them move in! And we were sooooo happy to see each other. 
My friend Rachel, gave me a make-over, and my friend Micah, took my portraits!
I dyed my hair bleach blonde, and the back of my head purple. 
Me and some of Rogue Zohu went hiking!

Easter with the community family! 
Spring fun with Sarah and Anna!
Memorial day with the community.
I wrote a personal post (one of my first!) about me living in WA. 
Yeah baby! Jurassic World with the friendsies. We had a very hot summer! 
The first round of me dying my hair purple! 
My last day of coaching gymnastics. 

4th of July with the community. We had an EPIC water balloon fight- hence us all being drenched. 

I took this for our LCC film. 

Me and my sweet friend Annie. 
This was one of my absolute  favorite summer nights. It was hot, we all rode in the back of the truck, we explored Enumclaw, we took pictures and we ended the night at McDonalds for ice cream.
During LCC, we did a photo shoot for our characters. Here I am after my first official makeup and hair reveal. We hadn't planned for epic make up, or a faux hawk, but I'm so glad we did! 
We worked about seven hours a day, creating and practicing our choreography for LCC. 
Filming day! We shot three days in a row, and then a few weeks later, we went in for some pick up shots. In case anyone was wondering, we got 4th. 
Us and the Johnsons went and saw Inside Out! I cried and cried. I loved it.
This was taken on our 2nd night of shooting! 


My last portrait of being nineteen!  I turned twenty on the 2nd! 
We  filmed several silly short films with the Johnsons. 

Canon Beach with Matt and Ashley!

Matt and Ashley's last day during their August visit. 
Another fun short film with the Johnsons! 
We explored a new park!- But I forgot the name of it... But we found a bajillion sand dollars/clams and we even found a baby octopus! 


My grandma flew up to visit us! We took her to Seattle for the day. While she and my mom were in the space needle, the rest of us discovered an AWESOME park and played for a while. I had so much fun climbing up the ropes. I also dyed my hair- I went to a color closer to my natural. It had to be re-dyed several times because the purple kept coming through. 
One of my favorite pic of us. This was also a fun night.
We had a lot of fun at the Puyallup fair- and the Toby Mac/ Chris Tomlin concert! It was a first for us-  it was really fun screaming- I mean, singing- our hearts out. 
Blood moon! I also discovered that my Mark can take pictures of stars, and actually pick up the moon! 
Visit with Grandma! 

October was our busiest month- and one of my favorites. We went and saw  Suffragette- which was a really good film, and really hit me hard. 
The LCC judging party! 
I nannyed full time for a week. Me and my "Kid" had a lot of fun together- I took him (and several of my other siblings) to the Fright Factory in Buckley. It was really fun! 
Perks of nannying- getting to play with their toys. ;) 
me and the sibbys ready for the community "hat" party, on Halloween. 

On set for a short film that one of my friends were working on. 
Because me and several other of my squad worked at Maris Farms, we got a lot of free tickets. We went a couple of times with friends. 
Lauryn wanted to go skating for her 16th birthday. We had a lot of fun that night. 
The first race of the year- we went to a place called Rimrock- I think. This was a fun, full day. Lots of good pictures and climbing mountains happened. 
Maris Farms Haunted Woods sqaud! We waited in line for almost three hours!!! Which actually turned out to be my favorite part of the evening- in my opinion, Maris's Haunted Woods kinda sucked this year. They were awesome last year though. 
Lots of running around at Maris this day! Corn mazes and hay rides oh my!
This was one of my favorite days of November. Me and my friend Annie didn't get to spend a lot of time together- because of my nannying. So we went to McDonalds and adventuring around Enumclaw. 
I had to dye my hair red, because the brown dye kept turning my hair green. The red has faded now, and thankfully, I haven't had any more green hair. ;) 

Ashley and Matt came up for a short visit. Me, Ash and Lulu went Target shopping, and had to get some starbucks. ;)
Micah took some new business head shots for me- I asked for a pic of me and Annie too though for fun. ;)

Monday night madness with the Johnsons!

Family picture.
We had the Johnsons and Marshalls over for Thanksgiving. We had a few other friends come over too. We played Signs for a while. I snapped this cute pic of Lulu and Lala. 
Matt and I set up one of our Christmas Tree's this year! It came out very pretty.
We went to GA for Christmas vacation. We went to a Christmas tree farm to cut down Matt and Ashley's Christmas tree. 
Matt wanted to go to the Dahlonega Sqaure for his birthday. We went to our favorite pizza shop on the square, walked around and explored shops- then went to see Mockingjay Pt 2.
Star Wars with the squad!

GA shopping with da sissys! I got to ride on my brother in law's motorcycle this night! And we got to go to American Cookie Co.- where we got double doozies, yum! 

On the plane ride to GA. Bye bye, Mt. Rainer.
GA fun at one of our favorite parks.
Super fun day. We went and saw Krampus- a christmas comedy horro film. The first time I've watched a horror film. It was fun getting to go to the theater (and having the whole place to ourselves). McDonalds and snowball fights afterwards! 

Mamarazzi got a hold of us when we got back from the theater, 
Maybe the only picture of me at the community Christmas party. 
the females of the community. 
Christmas day! 
We went and saw "Joy" a few days ago! I loved it! I can't wait to watch it again.
and to finish the new year, kisses from mommy and a community new years party.
2015, you were great.
here is my 2015 highlight vid
goals for 2016
learn budgeting . finish my novel . work out . cutting out soda . finish my book list

so i have chosen 
AMBITIOUS  as my word for 2016.
i want to pursue joy, and live creatively and be ambitious.
here's to new beginnings.
hope you have a blessed year.


  1. This was a great post. And you've taken a lot of great pictures this year!

  2. Looks like a great year! And ambitious is a good word for 2016 :) you go girl!