Nov 23, 2015

Defining your photography style {Beginning Photography series}

I'm just gonna say upfront- that this is a hard one.
It took me until this year to actually put into words my style. It took awhile for several reasons. One of them having to be that I had no idea what I was doing with a camera and didn't know what kind of picture I wanted to take. I just scoped Pinterest out for ideas and poses. I strongly advise against this- unless you know what you're looking for.

I started following photography blogs in 2012. When I went out on photo shoots, I tried to mimic my favorite photographers style. Until this year, I finally found the name for the style of photography I prefer~

Please read this article by The Knot- they put more into words of each style better than I.
So, which one of The Knot categories do you fall into?

Great! So now you have found a style that you prefer!

Now lets get into the defining part...
Not everyone is going to understand your style. Not everyone is going to like it.
But that's ok.
I am an artistic photographer who only edits with film presets. Period.
I started my business with people who only viewed me as a girl with a camera. I didn't have my style yet, or a brand that would attract people. But when I started to define my style, I was still viewed as the girl with a camera.
It takes diligence. Keep going after what you like.
Eventually it will pay off.
The other day, I had an engagement session and the couple adored MY STYLE.

When you have defined your style, people will come to you because they are attracted to it.
Those are the clients you want to attract.
If you have a camera and no style, people will come to you because you know how to take a clear picture.
Defining your style is VITAL to your business!

It will take time. Your style will change. You will grow, and your business will grow with you.
Be patient with yourself. And keep moving forward.

Ok lets get into the nitty gritty.
Your homework! Yay!
List your three favorite photographers, and try to match their style to The Knot's list of styles.
Pick out your favorite images you have taken, and analyze what you like about them.
Snag a friend and do a photo shoot- implementing what you have learned into the shoot.

Lemme know how it goes! Oh, and if you blog your photo shoot, leave a link to it below- I'd love to see it!

Hope this helps a little bit!
xx Morg
p.s there are more styles to photography then the ones The Knot has listed. The Knot has created a basic outline which I found extremely helpful.

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