Sep 13, 2015

The time we walked into the park and got hugged by a three year old

my childhood besties moved here from GA, this year.
one of the main things we did in GA was go road walking, a fun thing we still like to do.

the other night, we got together to watch the first Star Wars movie. We ended up going "wandering" around the neighborhood, and then found ourselves wandering around Safeway, looking for sugary treats to go with our movie.

while we were wandering, we ended up walking to the neighborhood park.  as we walked by the playground, a group of kids were on top of it. as we were walking by, the leader of the kid group started to yell at us-
shoot the teenagers 
it's the hunger games!
aghhg! she's got a camera!

we were all laughing and just kept on walking. they kinda followed us, hoping we would play with them. the youngest of their group (probably a three year old) slowly approached us. at first she was only interested in the toys that were around us, which she took and ran back off to the playground. afterwards, she wandered back into our group and wanted to give us each a hug.

it felt like old times. walking around, camera's clicking, spontaneous group trips to the store, brownie baking and movie watching.

 ^^this is what happens when i try to be artistic^^
 ^^i looked up from my camera to see this face from lauryn- she had just said;
i just got hugged...^^
 ^^our cute little mystery hugger^^
 ^^anna was completely unaware of me^^
we finished the night by talking through Phantom Menace, and watching old movies together.
it was a fun night.

xx morg

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  1. :D it was so much fun!! I'm so glad we're here in WA with y'all again.
    And a bunch of great photos to add to the McJohns file in my computer XD