May 1, 2015

New month, new design, new camera, new desk.

I have been feeling for a long time, that this blog needed a new manifesto.
I feel the need to write.
Not just everyday happenings, but writing about me. My real life.
I have always shied away from anything "too personal" when it comes to the internet.
But now, I feel like it's time to come out.
To share more about myself.
So here's to being vulnerable, and sloppy writings, and good days and bad days.
To learning, and growing.
To exploring and laughing.
To life.

A few days ago, I got a message from a friend.

"Hey, one of my filmer friends is selling his Mark III. Are you interested?"

Just the night before, I was talking to my mom about starting a new job to get my camera quicker.
I have been saving for the Mark III for several months. I ended up losing one of my babysitting gigs, so saving was a lot slower.
A few night before that message, I was looking at my favorites photographers pictures. I was re-inspired to pursue photography again. My Nikon D3100 has been a great starter camera. But, I feel completely grown out of it now.
Wednesday morning, my Dad and I drove off to go inspect the camera.
I was impressed.
I walked out of Barnes and Noble, not believing that I was holding THE Mark III.
I still can't.
Thank you God, for providing for me!

Unfortunately, I only have the camera body, which means I am free lensing all my shots with my 50mm Nikkor lens.
It isn't too bad, but I'd still prefer a lens connected to my camera. ;)
And no, I haven't set a definite name yet.

Days before the whole camera, I had found an IKEA desk on a local barter page. I have been looking for a desk like this for awhile, and was super excited to get it for only $20!
The day has been filled with re-arranging and spring cleaning my room. Now my pretty desk sits where my bookshelf was. 
In other news, my brother and I launched a new blog! Since I had been posting every week on fridays for my fandoms, I figured they needed a blog of their own. I asked my brother if he was interested in joining  me. He said yes, and we launched Monday! Please go check it out here!
If you're a fangirl, this place is for you. 
Hope you are having a lovely Friday!
xx Morg


  1. That's so cool--both about the camera and the desk!

    ...Aaand now I have to go check out Fandom Fox, because fandoms!!!!:D

  2. Yay for going personal! I always love to read about what people have been up too, so I'm excited to see what you have in store. Also, I love your new blog design!

  3. Great blog! :D I'm new to it and I love it!