Mar 1, 2015

February report card & Week 9 of 52 {365 Project}

Movies I watched~
 ^^this was a super fun watch! i laughed a LOT! would definitely watch this again :D^^
 ^^my sisters and i have been watching the latest season of Mako Mermaids on netflix! they only released thirteen episodes so far, and of course they left on a cliff hanger! i HATED the first season of Mako, but the second season is waaaaaayy better. it feels a lot more like H2o, which is good. ;)^^
^^ watched this a couple months ago with some friends of mine. it's a fun chick flick, but definitely not my favorite. i watched it again last night. Anne Hathaway just really annoys me....^^

Books I read~
i really didn't read much this month....
^^i got my late Christmas present the other day! this is the library edition of "The Rift" trilogy! i love it!^^

So my February report card..

READ~ start and finish reading Jane Eyre & The Hobbit
i totally failed at reading this month.

BUDGET~ save almost all wages for new camera. my goal is to have it before summer.
B+ i saved as much as i could.

BLOG~ have weekly blogging topics, and continue 365 project.
A- i think i've done pretty good here. with the exception of me missing ONE day in my 365....

JOURNAL~ continue to journal, at least weekly.
F- i did once or twice...

continue february with NO soda and sweet tea. only occasional coffee. 
continue to work out, at least three times a week, and continue gymnastics training. 
take my ACV and magnesium daily.
less sugar. more greens and protein.
go to bed earlier-ish. ;)
C+  i did work out for a season, and i did take a lot of my vitamin stuff. but i have not been consistent. i drank a large sweet tea from McDonalds, and had sips of soda throughout the month. 

OTHER~ finish floor choreography. if anyone is interested, this is the music i have selected for my floor routine :D
F+ gymnastics hasn't been on my priority list of late. 

March goals
to be perfectly honest, i don't have many goals for March, because i have a full month ahead of me.
however, i will continue to budget, take pictures and blog weekly. 

hope everyone had a lovely February!
xx morg

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