Feb 1, 2015

Sunday Photo Shoot- Week 5 of 52 {365 Project}- January Report card

~themed photo shoot~

365 project ~ Week 5 of 52~
^^my brother is handsome, ya^^
^^my traditional valentine decorations^^
^^my parents let me take a photo shoot of them, and i think this one is my favorite ever^^

so, it's february! it's the Super Bowl! wow! yay! who's playing what again? ;)
just kidding, i live in WA. i am fully aware of who is playing who. ;)

i got the idea from Kelli to do a monthly report/goal type thing. and i thought i could add the books i read/ movies i watched etc..

so movies I've watched this month~

Guardians of the Galaxy
okay okay, i admit i really liked it... i was the biggest critic when i first saw the trailer. i couldn't understand why all my friends were excited about seeing it. i thought it looked super stupid.
but i was pleasantly surprised. i liked it a lot, and can actually put it on my top five marvel movies list.
i give it 4 out of 5 stars.

The Giver
i didn't know what to expect with this movie. i didm;t know much about it, and only knew a little about the book. i really enjoyed it, though i don't think it's my favorite movie ever. i enjoyed the story, the creative colors and the acting. 
i give it 3 out of 5 stars

Jane Eyre
i don't know why it took me so long to watch this movie. i had read a review of it a while back and it described it as inappropriate so i steered clear of it. however, a couple weeks ago while i was babysitting (the kids were already in bed if anyone was wondering) ;) i thought i would just try it.
i assumed because it had the victorian era look to it, it would be another Austen like movie. 
oh my goodness. the shots. the cinematography. the details. the music. the costumes. the tones. oh my goodness. i really enjoyed this movie. i loved the story of a strong girl, saving herself, falling in love and then having enough strength to move forward after each tragedy. i was completely surprised how it ended. very pleasantly surprised. anyhow, i really liked this movie, and have started the book.
i give it 4 out of 5 stars.

The 10th Kingdom
okay.. a little back story on this one. a couple years ago, some friends of ours suggested this mini series. my mom rented it, and on family night we all gathered around the tv ready to watch it.
we had no idea what we were getting into.
we couldn't finish it... we got about an hour or so in it before everyone in my family was begging my mom if we could stop it. 
a couple years later, my mom thought we should give it another try. you can imagine the cries of dismay that aroused from that. 
yesterday we started it again. we haven't finished it yet, but were on the last disc.
okay. so i like it now. it's cheap and somewhat corny but still a good story overall.
i am looking forward to finishing it. ;)
i give it 2-3 stars out of 5

The Hundred-Foot Journey
i really really really liked this movie.
i thought it was artistic, a wonderful story, great acting and beautiful locations.
it made me want to learn how to cook (ha!) it was a bit long but i really liked it. you should watch it.
i give it 3-4 out of 5 stars.

Books i've read this month~

The Diary of Anne Frank
this book has sat on my families book shelf for as long as i can remember.
when i was younger and thought about reading it, my mom didn't think i was old enough for it (she was right.)
it was a sad story. interesting and sad and confusing and very sad.
i had to keep reminding me that this wasn't a Dear America fictional diary, this was real. this really happened.
very sad.

News of January~

i have been working out whenever i can, it's hard to some nights. sometimes i am only there a couple minutes or an hour. i love the sport and really want to compete again, but at the moment, i'm not ready nor have the time.
i will either compete later in the spring or sometime this fall.

I got a second job! i will be working early mornings a lot. i start orientation next tuesday.
the reason for this second job? 
i need a new camera. an expensive camera. 
wanting to be a successful wedding photographer- trying hard to get some clientele in my area. 
at the moment i'm doing valentine mini photo shoots!
^^ a lovely photo shoot with a lovely couple that very lovingly offered their modeling skills for my business. thanks Max and Rachel!^^

the last couple of days i have been suffering from a mini cold. 
the last week i have been up at 6:20 every morning to rush down the street to babysit and get the kids on the school bus. after i saw them on the bus, i rushed back down the street to take care of 7 more kids.
this week has left me very exhausted and sick to boot.
thankfully i have no babysitting gigs this week (not that i'm not thankful i had some- quite the contrary!) and will be able to sleep a little longer.
also, today marks the end of my coffee-soda-juice-sweet tea fast.
although i cheated friday and had two sprites ( i was at work and my throat was sore), i've been completely off soda last month. i celebrated today with a grande java chip frappe from starbucks. 
although i think i will be staying off soda, and only having coffee on rare occasions. caffeine really messes with my health, and i don't crave it anymore. 

SO. My February Goals

READ~ start and finish reading Jane Eyre & The Hobbit

BUDGET~ save almost all wages for new camera. my goal is to have it before summer.

BLOG~ have weekly blogging topics, and continue 365 project.

JOURNAL~ continue to journal, at least weekly.

continue february with NO soda and sweet tea. only occasional coffee. 
continue to work out, at least three times a week, and continue gymnastics training. 
take my ACV and magnesium daily.
less sugar. more greens and protein.
go to bed earlier-ish. ;)

OTHER~ finish floor choreography. if anyone is interested, this is the music i have selected for my floor routine :D

so what has everyone else been up to? what have you been watching/reading last month? 
hope you have a lovely sunday- and super bowl ;)
xx morg

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  1. I'm so jealous of that camera! Can't wait to see the photos you take with it. :)