Jan 9, 2015

Loch ness Monster roaming Washington state!

i had a free afternoon the other day....
this is the result.. 
i love to study about the loch ness monster. i love floral. i love cute stuffed animals. i love that it resembles a long neck dinosaur. 
so of course that meant she deserved her own photoshoot!

i used this amazing tutorial to bring her about. 
 ^^i mean, how do you pose with a stuffed animal? and how do you not look weird doing so... in front of all your neighbors?...^^
 ^^just creepily stroking nessie...^^
 ^^*gasp* she's loose!"^^
^^sophie is not very amused by the newest addition..i can understand though. last i saw, nessie was chasing him around and terrorizing him a bit...bad nessie.^^

hope you're having a lovely day!
xx morg


  1. That's awesome, Morgan! I had no idea you had a fascination the loch ness monster!

    1. Hi Tiana! Thank you! oh yes, mysterious creatures, especially sea monsters fascinate me :D I've been into the Loch Ness monster for a few years, and have studied about big food a lot too :D It's just so much fun :D