Jan 20, 2015

i'm a gymnast

^^me in Level 3, 2005. I'm 2nd from the right^^

as many of you know, i have been coaching gymnastics since last July. it has been a lot of fun, and very educational. but since i've been in the gym, i have wanted to do (you guessed it ) gymnastics.
i retired from the sport in 2007, right before level 8 competitions. i was twelve, and at that season of my life, i needed to be focusing on other things- like my family.
but now, as i am about to say adieu to the teenage years, i made a decision. my boss offered me some workout time after i'm done teaching. and of course, while working out, i just wanted to do more and more of it. and compete. i love to compete. 
the other day, i bought my USAG card, which is a card saying i am allowed to compete. at the moment, i am self training and am working out three nights a week, and have come to realize something...
i'm not as young as i use to be.
 my body has grown since i was twelve.
i am taller. bars aren't as easier for me anymore. i am heavier. pretty much every event exhausts me.

but i want to compete. i am getting ready for a meet a month from now, and i'm really nervous and excited and scared and excited and scared. the fact that i will be wearing a leotard is very disheartening... and because of that, i have been doing some intense conditioning/training to not only feel better in a leo, but to regain some strength. i'm in sore need of it.
now, i am motivated to eat healthy, and work out. which is a good thing- and has made this night owl go to sleep waaaay easier. ;)

it's amazing how much can change in a couple of months. in November, i was preparing for medical college in January. but, something just didn't feel right about it. i think God had other plans than my own. 
i feel like my focus right now needs to be several things, but on the business side, those things are;
my photography business, and gymnastics. 

so that's what's new with me! what's new with you?

hope you have a lovely day!
xx morg


  1. I'm so excited for you! It is so amazing how God can direct us to places and things that we never expected. ;D You're going to do awesome!

    As for what's new with me, not much. :) I've started exercising more myself. I can almost do a full split! It is a mile-marker for me, as I've always considered myself inflexible and stiff. I've also been writing more than usual, the end of my book's first draft coming very near!

    Looking forward to more posts!

  2. You're going to do grea.
    I've started recently trying to get in shape too! But still a desperately pathetic night owl. (;