Nov 1, 2014

goodbye Maris farms

i didn't really want to do it...
my mom told me i would make extra money and it would be fun.
i was kinda meh.
but i did it.
unknowingly, my heart fell in love with this farm.
i've spent every single day there since beginning of october. it's been fun. it's been hard. it's been exhausting. it's been an adventure.
today was the end of the month staff party. i thought the month would never end.
days when i stood for nine hours watching kids jump on a pillow and others where i sat on a slide and my eardrums were pierced from the gleeful screams, or how i was up at six something in the morning cleaning pig crap.
i might have snuck into the haunted woods while i was on duty. i played with the farm dog, and roamed the grounds.
i wouldn't take any of it back. it was a lot of fun. and i think it was good for my soul good to be outside all month.

i met some people there. very nice people.  it's nice meeting nice people.

while i was walking around taking pictures today, my heartstrings tugged a little bit. i was sad to leave this all behind.
maybe i'll see you again next year Maris farms.

 ^^walking in the haunted woods^^

 ^^this dog has my heart^^

 ^^the garden we helped clean^^

 ^^the barn Matt and i cleaned everyday^^