Sep 7, 2014

Summer Recap pt 2

 ^^age order of the bunch :D^^

 ^^thanks Micah^^

 ^^that blur is me...^^

 ^^Faith and i met on the LOLACHE kids forum, about four years ago. she (like Sereina) and i kept in contact and were pen pals. but since she lives in Arkansas, and me GA/WA i didn't think we would ever meet. however, her family surprised us and came up for a visit last week and we had lots and lots of fun. so nice to meet cyber friends in person!^^

 ^^ok, so the story to this pic is- Micah stole my camera and went into the other room with it. i thought i could sneak in and photobomb it- which i did, minus the sneaky part ;)^^
 ^^sparkler fun^^

 ^^at the pacific ocean^^

 ^^some behind the scenes of the Rogue Zohu film intensive - which was a lot of fun and I learned a lot. ^^
 ^^Micah stole my camera on break... you can see the realization starting to hit me, that that's MY camera he has ;)^^

 ^^water tribe symbol in background... i kinda wrote the whole intro to ATLA on the sidewalk...^^

 ^^Matt and Lauryn have this Labor day tradition dating years back, where they string bionicles up..^^

 ^^I went on a indian themed photo shoot with Kandis Spurling! these are some of my favorite shots! you can view them all here^^

 ^^ i FINALLY made a collage of all the selfies i have found on my cameras -_- thanks guys ;)^^
 ^^babysitting some younguns ;)^^

^^turns out, i'm not bad with kids ;) i guess teaching a bunch of them has made me more comfortable^^

^^ out on the lake yesterday. possibly the last swim of summer? photo creds go to Micah^^

this summer has flashed before my eyes. in GA  the seasons are always out of order-  due to summer starting in March and ending in early November. but up here, summer has run it's full course. in the mornings when i go to walk the dog, i can smell autumn on it's way. perhaps this will be the first autumn i have actually gotten to see beginning to end? in GA, autumn comes and goes so swiftly- transitioning from summer to winter in a matter of weeks. i'm looking forward to the fall. i am a summer girl through an through, so it's weird that i'm ready for a new season. but, this year has been full of changes, maybe this is one of them. my work schedule has changed, i work in the evenings, and soon to be starting a second job, along with a wedding to shoot. i'm getting excited for the coming months.
hope everyone has had a wonderful summer.
xx morg

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