Aug 29, 2014

The day I turned 19

 ^^have to have my avatar decor ;)^^

 the day before my birthday we all headed out to Deep Lake for some swimming. we had Little Caesars Pizza for dinner, a cooler full of Coke and three cookie cakes to top it off. when we headed off into the water, a boy kept talking to us, asking if we'd be his friend and offering us his bucket. we didn't talk much to him, and kept to our fun.
 once we were done with our first swim, we headed over for pizza. the boy who kept asking us to be his friend walked up to our table and started to talk to us about a TV show he swore he was on right now. we kept trying to pray over our food, but he kept interrupting. ;) after he left and we had prayed, we started to eat and then he re-joined us- asking if he could have a pice of pizza since he was tired and hungry. we gave him a piece of pizza and he left. after pizza we started to dance to Ships Cook- which is my favorite dance. after dancing and cake we headed back to the water where we were asked again if we wanted to be the boys friend.
 the day of my birthday i woke up to my christmas lights strung around the kitchen. cokes were on the table, along with some presents and cards.

^^ i got some pretty amazing presents.....^^
 after that we headed to the Ten Decades film premier. after that, we went to our friends house for a get together with everyone and some dancing.

^^that's my mommy :D^^

^^lots of fun dancing^^

^^dancing to ships cook^^

 ^^this picture cracks me up. you can see the panic on Micah's face as he realizes he's going the wrong direction- where you can see my finger pointing where he needs to go.^^

the below pics are all taken by miss Sereina and or Micah
 ^^at the Ten Decades premier^^

 ^^Annie and her family gave me a minion shirt for my birthday :D^^

 ^^Me and Weezy ;)^^

 ^^here i am throwing a fake spider on Sereina  ;) i regret nothing XD^^
 ^^here are the lovely gifts that Sereina gave me- this scrap book is filled with pictures, quotes and old messages.^^
i realize that this is my last year as a teenager. kinda bittersweet. i'm going to miss my teen years a lot. they've kinda been the highlight of my life.
thank you everyone who sent me cards, well wishes, gifts and pictures. it really meant a lot, and i had an amazing birthday.
xx morg


  1. So happy I got to celebrate your birthday in person this year! I had lots of fun with you all the day of the premiere. Swimming at the lake looks like it was lots of fun!