Jul 24, 2014

The Liebster Award/ tag

I was tagged by Rose to answer the following questions. ;)

1. Do you have any siblings? If so, how many?
I have four siblings. Three younger, and one older.
3. Describe your favorite outfit.
Skinny jeans (with ripped knees) and a black comfy T-shirt.
2. Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla?
4. Who is your favorite music artist?
Taylor Swift, Britt Nicole, Kari Jobe, Katy Perry and sooo many others.
5. What was your favorite toy when you were little?
Probably my baby doll that I still have to this day.
6. What is your favorite flavor of jelly?
7. Where would your dream house be: in a forest, on the beach, or in the city?
8. What is your favorite pastime?
Netflixing with friends and family.  Scootering around my neighborhood. Reading. 
9. If you could be any mystical creature, what would you want to be?
Mystical? Hmm, I don't know if Mermaids count as mystical... 
10. Are you in most common with Sherlock or Watson?
wouldn't know because I don't watch Sherlock... I'm sensitive to certain types of mysteries. 
11. If you could rule the world, what would be your first change?
That's a toughie... I honestly have no idea...I know I would probably make an official holiday for Nutella though.... 

1. Post eleven facts about yourself.
2. Answer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you, and then create an eleven-questions set for the next group of nominees.
3. Choose eleven people to nominate and link them in the post.
4. Let your nominees know they've been tagged--and no tag-backs!

My questions...
1. What is your fandom and why do you love it so much?
2. Your dream job is?
3. If you are homeschooled, what is your pet peeve misconception about being homeschooled?
4. Between soft drinks, juice and coffee which is your favorite?
5. What is your favorite food?
6. What is your favorite animal?
7. Is there a certain genre of music/movies you don't like?
8. What would you name your future kids?
9. What is your favorite Disney film?
10. Where do you want to live?
11. Nutella or Frosting?
Okay now my nominees....
I don't have any other nominees besides the below....


  1. Can I answer your questions on my blog even though I wasn't on your list???

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