Jul 19, 2014

A summer recap

This summer has been super busy! I've posted lots of pictures but haven't actually written in detail about my summer happenings.

 ^^Well, starting May my little sisters decided to start watching Avatar: The Last Airbender. Which thrilled me.. Anyway, Matt wanted to re-watch it too, so I re-watched it with him while the girls were in the other room watching it. When they got to the finale, I HAD to watch it with them. Which turns out, that no matter how many times you watch it, it never gets any easier. After they were done with it, we re-watched it with our parents, and I actually teared up at the finale... DON'T JUDGE ME. I JUST LOVE ATLA A LOT!
 ^^We had a fun day at the Chalet Theatre seeing HTTYD2. Which was really good. Oh boy, the tears that were shed... Because there was so many of us, I was on the back row with all the parents. And several of the girls in front of me, my mom beside me, and myself were all sniffling and crying. 
^^Afterwards we went across the street to swap opinions of the film^^
 ^^We've been doing a reading group with our friends once a week since April. Which usually means we have some kind of treat, which has usually been brownies, ice cream and root beer floats. Though, being a coke girl, I only have coke floats ;) We also went location scouting for upcoming film projects^^
 ^^Reading group fun that miss Barbie captured.^^

^^We met up with Siri and hiked some reallllllyyy long trails. Afterwards we went to the TripleX restaurant for some root beer/coke. Siri wrote a much better, in-depth post about our adventures on her blog ^^

^^We had some fun skypes with our GA friends. It was great to catch up and swap the latest news with each other^^
^^We went to the Buckley log show where we rode one very dizzy ride, and walked around for a bit- at least before the rain decided to pour. Then we were all cramped together on top of a watch tower taking selfies.^^
 ^^And then 4th came.. I think Micah caught the lawn on fire...^^
 ^^The boys were having loads of fun with their potato canon^^

^^My friend Abby snapped this awesome shot of me ;) ^^
^^We also spent some time learning some Scottish dancing. It was tons of fun^^
 ^^After the fourth, we all went swimming. We had a raft, which you can see in the below pic^^

 ^^Okay, so this raft was soooo much fun. Just imagine twelve people all trying to keep a spot on it. It was like 'fight till the death' to stay on. Oh boy, I don't remember a lot of conversation, just a lot of laughing. This was a fun day. I was very happy^^

 ^^That's me in the orange kayak ;)^^
^^Last Friday we started filming for the Rogue Zohu Film Intensive, that my friend Annie is hosting. 
We got up at six every morning from Fri-Sun, and worked all day Saturday and Sunday. It was really cool being apart of a professional crew and seeing a film unfold. I did a bit of acting and ran the slate most of the time. :) I got to carry an air soft gun around, wear lots of dirt make-up & cool clothes, got to be tackled and make emergency drives back to the house when we forgot the slate. On last day of shooting, Josiah gave me a new nickname, which is Marvin. Since then Rogue Zohu has been off and on calling me by it.  ;)^^

 ^^On last day of shooting, we went to the lake again and had almost as much fun as the first time. We wolfed down some sandwiches, and headed towards the water. I took off running into the lake barefoot (I was racing) and I immediately regretted it. Those rocks hurt! ;) We did the same thing we did the first time- 'fought till the death' for a spot on the raft. Just imagine utter chaos, lots of laughing, screaming and flailing. It was amazing. We had standing contests, and at some point we decided to pull a prank on our parents- who were all doing head counts and watching us like hawks. The plan was simple; everybody jump off the raft and go under water and stay there as long as possible. However, the prank failed due to the fact that our parents weren't watching...^^

^^After filming, Annie and I spent all Wednesday editing the first draft and eating lots of Andes candies and mint oreos. ;) Afterwards we had a movie night and we all watched Eagle Eye. ^^

^^ I started watching ATLA in February, and have re-watched it several times since then...I kinda love it..^^
 ^^Yesterday, I went to check out a venue for an upcoming wedding I will be shooting. Us girls all had lots of fun going through secret tunnels, scouting out photo ops and snapping shots of each other. Here is my friend Abby, whose pictures I am very happy about :D^^

 ^^Rachel and Annie serenading us all ;)^^

^^Afterwards, Rachel, Annie & I went to Jack in the Box for dinner. A little boy was standing in front of me when I took that selfie... He was a little confused...^^
^^I got a new dress that you can read about here^^

 ^^So I sat down to work on this post yesterday, but instead it turned out to be a iPhoto booth photo shoot with my dad. ;)^^

This summer has gone by so fast, and has been very fun and memorable.
I got a job as a gymnastics coach, I discovered I had an interest in serving in Uganda, I took a first aid & CPR class, I'm considering becoming a nurse and I worked on a professional film set.
It's been a lot of fun. 

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