May 16, 2014

golden light summer nights

the weather in WA has been so pretty lately. i haven't picked up my camera in a few days. the light was just so gorgeous tonight i had to capture it. i picked up my book, and went to sit on my new swing. after a month+ time, i finally built a swing. i read and listened to the neighbor boys;

"Guys let's play spin the bottle!"
"Miley Cyrus!"
"My name is ......... and I love you!"
"Guys lets play spoons!"
"Hey Jase, are you pregnant!?" {They were shoving their soccer ball under their shirts ;)}
"Hi my name is ....... and I hate you!"
"Crazy pregnant lady on the loose!"
"Hayden get back here!"

listening to their gleeful shouts made me miss the summer nights i ran wild with my friends. when night starts to set, but it is still bright enough to see. sweat and dirt clinging to my skin. the laughter filling the atmosphere. 
yeah i miss those nights.