Apr 5, 2014

the adventures of morg and siri

okay, so when i was about fourteen, my family and i started getting on this kids forum of a ministry 
were involved in.
i was just starting to get into photography at the time, so of course i spent some time in the photography section of the forum.
i was in awe of one particular photographers photos in the thread...
her name was Sereina.
^^i remember these photos as some of the first i ever saw of her....^^
okay so i started nicknaming Sereina "The Queen of Photography" and i was really intimidated by her.
i never ever once thought we would be friends.. for three reasons..
2. she lived in WA state.
3. i thought she was an adult when she was only fifteen...;)
i don't remember a lot of interaction between us, except a few comments here and there on each others work.
a few years past and i noticed that several of my other WA friends were friends with her on Facebook... so i thought, 
"i'll friend her...." okay so i was still kinda nervous about talking to her..
she accepted my friend request and we started "liking" and commenting on each others stuff.
and then one day i got an email from her asking if i wanted to Skype with her sometime.
i was like "whaaaaaaaat?! she wants to Skype with ME?!"
our first Skype was in the summer of 2012.
it was awkward at first. i was so scared i'd say something offensive or really weird ;)
we started skyping regularly after that, and one day we came onto the topic of nicknames.
i went off the list of my nicknames and she informed me she didn't have a nickname.
to me that was horrible, so i quickly came up with one for her (i have this thing where i have to name everything and anybody) i dubbed her "siri" from that moment on.

^^my avatar on the forum at the time...^^

through our chats i started noticing the extreme differences between us.
siri is sugar free. i am anything but sugar free, i'm a sugar addict.
she likes doctor who, i like call the midwife.
she likes christian/romance/historical novels. i like harry potter (although she has started liking harry potter recently ;))
siri has a very classy style whereas i have a more punk style.
she loves mystery shows, whereas i can't stand them.
she loves any broadway music and i like just mainly pop.
her writings are flawless and mine... needs a lot of work ;)

so a year and a half later, my family made the decision to move to WA state.
yesterday, morg and siri met for the first time in real life.
i had joked with her that when we met, it would be like the below gif;

 ^^anxiously awaiting her arrival...^^
 ^^they're hereeeee!!!!!!^^
 ^^i'm a run-and-give-hugs kinda gal^^

 ^^matt got all in the way, but you can still see mine and siri's outstretched hands^^

^^pc Tiana^^
 ^^in the flesh!!!^^

 ^^alina is siri's youngest sister. during our skypes, alina would usual make an appearance and would always make me laugh. i knew she and lauryn (my little sis) would get along splendidly. and i was right^^

below photos all by sereina.

 ^^quickly letting the world know we have met^^

 ^^the wall was warm!!^^
 ^^i really like this shot. it has emotion in it^^
so that is the tale on how mort and siri met. 

go over to sereina's blog to get a more detailed post :D

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  1. Ah, this was just so fun to read! The comparisons/differences part was my favorite, but woah, wait a minute. My writings are anything but flawless! I just throw words together the best the can and hope they sound decent. :P Yeah, but anyways, you're pics are awesome. Oh, and I really love that last photo of mine you posted as well, the one I took of you at the locks. Friday was so fun and I can't wait to do more adventuring in the future. ;D