Apr 16, 2014

projects and life

now that my family is all settled in our new home, it's time to get back to our projects.
actually, i haven't done a lot of my projects because of my time schedule/work schedule, but since i am unemployed, it's time to pick it all up again.
sunday night i wrote all my interest down on a list, and made a schedule where i can spend time studying/practicing them.
this weeks schedule, i am picking my art up and my subject is anime/manga.
growing up i always thought anime/manga art was bad or weird.
however, the last year i have recognized the art in it, especially since Avatar: The Last Airbender, is my favorite TV show (if you haven't watched it, watch it).
of course i have other projects.
i have been studying creative writing and working on a short story of my own. 
learning how to free hand fonts (i've been working on the font lullaby). i've been reading Pride & Prejudice, because i wanted a challenging book added in the mix. i have tried to read it so many times before, but failed. last night i watched the 2005 movie version, and just fell deeply in love with the story, like never before (even though i've watched it a million times).
i also chose a 20 day photography challenge.
i know this says 20 week challenge, but i chose to do it daily.
here are the results..
 ^^day one self portrait^^
 ^^day 2 what makes you smile^^
^^day 3 bold colours^^

before we left GA, i had to turn over my 50mm lens to my uncle (it was actually his lens) so i've been stuck with my kit lens again. bleah.
buuuut... I ORDERED MY 50mm YESTERDAY!!! whoop whoop! only bad thing is i lost my 8gb memory card, and am using a 2gb at the moment.... but i think i might just buy a 16gb anyway, so its all good. except, i don't know if i had any pics on the card i lost...

i'm super excited, i have a pretty big event that i will be helping photograph next week. it's actually a movie premiere! my friends up here have made a Hunger Games fan film, and having a big premiere for it at a local theater. looking forward to it so much!
check out more info here.. it's awesome!
speaking of my friends, we went and hung out with them monday..
 as you all know, i love road walking especially with friends. i was surprised though when everyone started packing lightsabers and katana blades. :D

^^ here are a few that Micah got^^

^^bow you peasant LOL^^
all in all, it's been a good week. just chilling today, as the rain comes back in.
peace out y'all.
the morg

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