Apr 29, 2014

Metamorphosis & Weeping Willow Premier

before i launch straight into this post,  you've probably noticed that "The Morg" has gone through a metamorphosis. i have my friend Sereina to thank for that! 
be sure to go check out the updated pages!
finally, a blog design that i LOVE! thank you so much Sereina! 

alright, now to get to the premier...

my washingtonian fiends have been working on a Hunger Games fan film since january.
we were living in GA at the time they announced they were working on it, and we were all super excited to see it!
they decided they would do a premier for it at a local theater, and asked if me and my friends would help photograph the event.
so finally, after 3/4 months of filming and post production... the Weeping Willow premier came!
i have been looking forward to this day for a looong time :D
(make sure you go check out the Weeping Willow page.)

^^ i played around with curling my hair the day before, but i didn't have enough time in the morning^^ second shot was what i did^^

without further adieu, here are the shots i got :D

 ^^they arrived in a limo!^^

 ^^the directors and producer^^

 ^^the crew^^

 ^^main cast and crew^^

^^the careers^^ :D

 ^^standing against the photo wall^^

 ^^cast and crew signing photos^^

 ^^sereina doing her thing^^

 ^^before the first showing, the crew gave speeches^^

 ^^and then after the first showing they gave gifts of appreciation^^

^^the photo wall that everyone got their picture taken in from of. see them all here^^

here are a few pics taken by Sereina of me that day :D

^^my locket is almost identical to the one in the film^^

i had so much fun at the premier! so glad i was able to help document it and spend time with friends.

after the premier Sereina and her family + another family came over to our house afterwards and we all ate dinner.
we ate tacos and played SIGNS. Siri and i worked on my blog design ideas, and then we went to our backyard to take portraits of each other.
oh and we walked around the neighborhood, discovering a decapitated bird...
we were so tired by the end of the night.

 ^^i just purchased VSCO 03 and i'm experimenting with it. :D^^

^^we went to the culdesac to play LINK which was really fun :D^^
 ^^these two goobers did nothing but make faces, dance and laugh^^

here are a few i stole from Sereina :D
 ^^that's the tweezy dance yo^^

 ^^Eli and me :D^^

 ^^Sereina was taking shots behind her.. little did she know what pics were coming out ;)^^

^^there was a thorn in my shoe^^

all in all, it was a great day. :D

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