Apr 11, 2014

life of late in WA state

well, upon arriving here our friends threw us a welcome party :D
(the below photos are by Micah) 

i had a really great time. most of the people there i had already met, but there was still a few i hadn't. 
we ate a lot of food, and laughed lots and lots.

the very next day, me and my family joined all our friends to go see Captain America 2. it was way better then i expected, and i'm not even a big Captain America fan..
here we all are, goofing off and laughing, waiting patiently for the film to start.
there was a multitude of flashes going off from everyones iPhones, i'm sure the other viewers were not appreciative of that. ;)

oh, and for the past two weeks we haven't had any wifi, so we were living at mcdonalds.
but one morning my dad and i were off to run errands, and i ended up going to starbucks.
okay, i am not a big starbucks fan, mainly because they're over priced. BUT, i tried their new caramel flan or fran (i don't remember) frappe and it was delicious. i enjoyed the cheese danish as well :D
i think the coffee out here tastes better....

 ^^our backyard. it is gorgeous, especially during the sunset^^
 and then matt and i went on a walk the other day.

 ^^i think my new photography obsession is trees. i've been finding myself taking a lot of tree pics lately^^

 ^^we've got some alpacas down the road from us^^
 ^^they like to stare^^

 and then yesterday, my daddy surprised us and took us to the fair!!
we had such a good time. my family and i don't get to do a lot of stuff like this, so it was very special and fun. 
 ^^okay, i don't get very scared on rides, but this one was just insane. it was HIGH. to high for me.. plus it was $30 per person. uh no^^

 ^^and we all crammed into the ferris wheel. ^^
 ^^my mom was very nervous ;)^^

 ^^matt chose this ride as his last one. him and my dad had a blast on it :D^^
 ^^matt's always wanted to be like Buzz lightyear^^

 ^^dad, me and yule in line for the Jumping Jumping. such a creative name....0.o^^
 ^^we had a lot of maintenance problems.. we would buckle in, and then our harnesses would open. it did that three times. the siblings in our circle were very nice and fun so we were all laughing.

 ^^we had two more tickets left, and no one else wanted to try anything else, so yule and i used them on the Orbiter... it was super duper spinny. i don't usually get sick on rides, but because of the pressure on my head from the intense spinning, i literally thought i was about to pass out. it was bad.^^

 ^^my mom and daddy holding hands^^
 ^^and then today we went on a walk.^^
 ^^there it is... Mt. Rainier.^^

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