Apr 25, 2014

Legends of Korra Review

if you currently working your way through Legends of Korra (or planning to) I advise you to read no further, for fear of spoilers!

hey everyone!
as many of you know (at least if you follow me on pinterest) that my favorite TV show of late, is Avatar the Last Airbender.
I absolutely love that show, love the characters, love the story, the plot, the art, and EVERYTHING!
i could chew your ear off talking about how much i love it..
besides the awesomeness of this show, i have to say it was very well written.
(i have watched and re-watched the show so many times!)
i have taken a scriptwriting course and one of the main keys to making an awesome script (in the words of William Rabkin) 
a great concept
compelling characters
a solid structure.

i can identify all of the above in ATLA..
my friend Abby (who actually introduced me to the show) informed me that Nickelodeon had made a continuing avatar series, taking place after most of the characters from ATLA passed.
i was like great! something to watch once i'm finished!

so i started it....
Korra  sixteen year old a stubborn tomboy is the Avatar!
first four or so episodes i was getting a pretty solid structure..
i saw the complications and had an idea on how Korra was going to resolve them.
the characters they introduced were pretty interesting and seemed good..
it had a little bit more of a steampunk/ industrial feel to it, unlike ATLA. 
in season one, Korra moves to Republic City to complete her avatar training.
while there, she discovers there are groups called "The Equalist" who are a bunch of non benders who feel oppressed by the benders. their leader Aman, has the ability to take ones bending away. everyday, Aman is capturing benders and taking their bending.
of course, Korra being the avatar (and a bit of a hot head) goes after Aman (who seems invincible) and of course there are a lot of epic battles between the two.
i was like great! i see the potential! good triumphs over evil!
and then... season one ended.. very suddenly (twelve episodes) completely resolving the Aman issue... i have to admit, i was a bit disappointed. i thought the Aman plot was a good structure and a lot to play off.. but it ended very suddenly, and Korra actually didn't even finish Aman...

Mako (red scarf^^) and Bolin (left^^) were the first introduced.
Bolin, the comical relief and a bit air headed, stayed his character the whole way through. he was a steady character and i always knew what to expect from him.
which is great! score for whoever wrote Bolin!
and then Mako.... Mako, a very strict and reserved kinda guy, started out steady but all the sudden... he stopped. or at least he stopped once Asami (right^^) ran over him with her moped ;)
of course, a love story bloomed, and Mako and Asami were suddenly together.. very very quickly..
i personally enjoy watching  love stories drawn out a little bit more, not all in one episode.
so Mako meets Asami and he starts lightening up a bit more, but then Korra comes into the picture..
Korra has a really big crush on Mako, even though they both detested each other from episode one.
 so Korra takes her guardians advice and professes her love to Mako... 
so Mako's all confused now, and later in the episode admits to Korra that he is also interested. even though he is currently dating Asami..
and then Korra kisses him..

this was probably my biggest problem with the series. though it came across all innocent for the kids show, i had a problem with the whole affair.. Mako is dating Asami, but admits to Korra he likes her and then they kiss...
and Korra and Mako become a couple at the end of season one.
but besides all that, Mako broke his character. what happened to the strict harsh guy!? i preferred him that way then his sudden happy go lucky guy..
in season two, the plot is all different..
now it is all about the spirit world spirits invading the human world.
now, growing up i have always yawned at any plots involving ghosts/spirits.
i was immediately bored with season two. but not only that, they completely skipped over Asami and Mako's breakup. now, we would assume that Asami and Korra would hate each other but they don't. which is interesting and puzzling at the same time.. and, we would expect Asami and Mako to have nothing to do with each other, but yet they are still friends. the writers made the whole thing as if Asami and Mako were never together. i din't really like that, because i was expecting some kinda revenge/rivalry between the three.. but besides Korra/Mako and the spirits, all the characters became kinda... flakey. even dependable Bolin...
i have to admit, i just kinda skimmed over some episodes of season two because i was so bored of all the spirit world stuff.
the season finale, i felt like i was watching a scooby doo episode... i was so confused and lost, and like WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?
and then, after the climax, Mako and Korra tell each other they will always love each other, but they decide to break up in the same breath... i was so confused..
i am looking forward to seeing what season three holds ( comes out this summer) but i can only give Legends of Korra three stars...
it was funny, and entertaining, but i just had a lot of problems with the plot and characters.
so there ya go!hope i didn't bore you! please don't hate me LoK lovers!


  1. I totally agree with you; ATLA was the best. I drooled over it!! And my dad loved it as well…don't tell anyone:)

  2. I agree ATLA was a lot better!! But I still enjoyed LoK it made since to me (accept for the break up) but I think it was really cool how they showed the first avatar and how everything got started. I agree that the story plots go by so fast! Unlike ATLA where they wrote it very well and you get to know the characters a LOT better!

  3. LoK was darker, and grittier, which I think (for some reason) ended up having something to do with Korra's being a girl. She could break down and cry more, and that was somehow kind of heartbreaking . . .
    But I agree. ATLA was better.
    They lost some innocence in LoK. And traded it for melo-drama.
    But it WAS funny.