Apr 9, 2014

a snapchat story

ok so the other night, me and my family went out to lowes to get a refrigerator.
welp, i was extremely bored, looking at one shiny appliance after another.
the rows of refrigerators and ovens wasn't fascinating to me.
i noticed that lowes had free wifi (we have been out of wifi for two weeks... eeeeeek!)
so... i started snap chatting my bestie....

 ^^it all started with me doing my attractive dancing....^^

 ^^Lauryn letting Anna know she was sorry ;)^^
 ^^these things always happen to her...^^
 ^^she snapped back!^^
 ^^don't judge me, i was bored ;)^^

 ^^i am so cool.^^

 ^^don't hate me cuz i'm beautiful.... ishly... not LOL ;)^^

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