Mar 3, 2014

this is gonna be the best day of my life {playdate}

after being friends with someone for so long, your get togethers and meet up's can start to become less and less adventurous.
yesterday, my friends came over and we had the best playdate we have had in FOREVER. i had such a good day.

we started the playdate off with usual chit chat and catching up. talking about the newest movies, and me completely spoiling "Gravity" for them. ;) and then we set off to do the McJohn tradition, which is walking up and all around the road. we went down to the end of my street and made a loop around back. the weather was in the seventies. we were sweating, and reminiscing about our past summers walking up and down this road. 

 ^^so many memories up and down this road^^

 ^^we befriended a cow^^

after our walk we packed up in the car and headed to the park.
 ^^we take up the whole swing set^^

 ^^we is so thug^^

 ^^Sarah hit Anna in the head with her elbow... ;)^^
 okay, so after we left the park we went and got.... PIZZA!!!! in less then twenty minute we devoured four pizzas. maybe that was because (i won't say who) was having "let's see who can eat the most " pizza competitions ;)

okay so after pizza we went outside and played a rousing game of tag in the yard. we had to move locations at one point, so we picked up around our trampoline. so while we're all running like crazy people around the trampoline, the little girls decide to not play and just bounce. so while we're running away from Daniel (who was it) he decided to crawl onto the trampoline to shortcut to the other side. whilst doing that Callah decides she wants to take her shoes off. so i'm standing behind Callah when I see her fling her shoe off (it was a croc so it sped fast) right into the center of Daniels forehead with a deafening SMACK.
i. died.
my friends witnessed their first "Morgan laugh attack" which was worrying them. Matt and Lauryn had to assure them this was normal for me.
you see, when i have a laugh attack i completely lose control. i am laughing so hard no noise is coming out, but tears are spilling from my eyes. this only happens every once in a while. so all my friends are seeing (for the first time) is me unable to breath while i'm crying. and when i am breathing i'm letting out some hysteria laugh which was probably quite frightening...i wish i got it on camera...
i laughed foreeeeever about it. and just sitting here typing it out has me laughing again...
anyhoo, after the laugh attack we resumed our tag game to our first location.
after tag, and a violent game of King of the Rock, the boys headed back inside to play xbox.
us girls stayed outside and had a mini photo shoot. :)

^ ^ and then i had to introduce them to my new obsession^ ^
 ^^ we gots blinded by my camera flash...^^

 ^^we had a gorgeous crescent moon out^^

 ^^pc Anna^^

 ^^Sarah and i got it to completely balance without Annas help for a few seconds ^^

all in all, it was the best playdate we have had in a long time.
i had a knee, hip, ankle and wrist injuries + some scratches all my leg.
i had an inch of sweat and dirt on me.
i am super sore today, but wouldn't take any of it back. it was all worth it. 
^^here is a short video of our adventures... :D^^


  1. I agree, it was the best playdate we've had in a long time. I felt so happy. I love you all SO much ♥

  2. Looks like you had a great time! I know this is such a weird statement, but you girls are really pretty. :D Yeah, I tend to say weird things like this…

  3. That sounds like the perfect day!

    In the picture when Sarah hit Anna, Anna looks like Jenifer Lawrence. That just came to my mind for some reason.

    Morgan, you are really, really, good at rolling on top of that barrel. I would have done a face plant two seconds after hopping on. :P

  4. I had such a great time! I dont think i'll ever forget this playdate ;) love you guys!