Mar 27, 2014

the five day journey cross country

friday morning i awoke early with a knot in my stomach.
my big sissy and i had shared the pull out couch and stayed up late talking, and i had only gotten five hours of sleep.
we still had a LOT to pack up, though the truck was packed full.
i wasn't looking forward to the last couple of goodbyes to family + my house + my car + "my" land.
i took a last walk around the property i had grown up on.
the memories coming in waves of what i did there, or what happened here.
but then, like the day before, the inevitable came.
we said goodbye to my grandparents.
and then my sister.
after a very very tearful goodbye to her, i stood on the hill, overlooking my house and "my" land` (sikestone- my movie making land ) 
and just cried and cried.
my dad put his arm around me and struggled to get out the words "we'll always have the memories"..
and then... we went.

^^this here is my scooter bug, bessie. she and i have been through a lot together.^^

we were traveling in the van and the moving truck.
the van had a cat and two dogs in the back, plus various last minute packings.
i sat in the front seat of the van.
my sister sent a text and my mom told me to read it to her because she was driving. i did so and had to stop because i started crying at the beginning of it.
i cried on and off all day on the road.
after a very long day of driving we stopped at an OK hotel.
i awoke at five am with matt wide awake and ready to go.
i hadn't had my coke yet so i wasn't as cheery as normal ;)
but that was quickly remedied and i became a whole new person ;) coke changes you ;)
we ate at crackle barrel for dinner, and i had a bowl of mac & cheese which immediately made me think of my sarah. :'(

 ^^rusty kept trying to come up and visit^^

we packed all the animals and suitcases back into the car and headed west.
Nebraska was soooo freakin long and it had snow piled on the sides of the road.
it was freezing.
we finally made it into Wyoming which, is drop dead gorgeous by the way.
on day three i spent all day in the truck with dad.
i don't remember much except the routine chaos of getting the dogs out and trying to eat breakfast pack up at the same time. oh and matt dropped his sock in the toilet ;)
we had a gorgeous  driving day with sunshine.
dad and i didn't talk a lot, we mostly listened to the country station or me reading "The Maze Runner" almost done! ;)

 ^^the last hotel we stayed in^^

 ^^heheh Perry was excited ;)^^

on day four of driving, i was walking into a convenient store in Wyoming. on the way in, a guy was playing his guitar and singing by the door. i was wearing my "Hogwarts" sweater, and then i heard him start singing "She goes to Hogwarts school".
 i busted out laughing.
oh and i fell asleep for a few minutes, and i dreamed a lamb bit me so i awoke with a big gasp. and everyone was like; "what?!"

on day five we were going through Oregon.
which is just as beautiful as Wyoming ;)

 ^^the Columbia river^^

and then.... it hit us... rain ;)
and FINALLY we entered Washington.
we met up with some old and new friends and have actually, been staying at one of their houses while we've been house hunting.
well, after almost two discouraging days of no luck...
it's perfect for us. but it will definitely be new...
it's in a neighborhood and we've always lived secluded from the world on a backroad on several acres...
but i think it will be fine.
the yard is tiny and so is my bedroom, but it fits our needs and we're not complaining.
we move in tomorrow!!!
thank you all for your prayers and support :)


  1. I've been waiting for photos from the trip, so I'm happy to see you got this post up so soon! I enjoyed reading this so much. Can't wait to heard about all your adventures in person. :)

  2. I can totally relate, except for the childhood home part. We've never stayed in one place more than three years. And I have to say the last two times I didn't even cry, mostly because where we were moving to was better than where we were moving from.
    But I feel you. It can be so hard . . . I wish I could say more, and I know it's kind of cliché, but I'm sorry, and I hope you love your new home and can enjoy many great years in it. :'D