Feb 28, 2014

last day of work

on a chilly 2013 january day, i decided it was time i found a job.
i went several places, applying almost everywhere in my hometown.
my dad suggested a little diner on the square. i told him no, i didn't want to work there.
but on that january day, i went to the square to apply at some other shops. but when i got out of my car, i noticed i was parked right in front of the little diner. i felt a nudge of "go in there".
and i did. ten minutes before i walked in, one of the waitresses was asking the boss for a new position. the boss said not until she found someone for her current position.
then i walked in.
 i filled out an application and got the job that night.
on my first day of work i was shy, nervous and timid.
on my last day of work, i am anything but.
this last year at the grill has been a wonderful life and work experience.
the people i worked with are all very special and i am proud to call them my friends.
i went in today, already fighting back tears.
the lunch rush quickly made me forget, and i got to work.
but then i was done.
my shift had ended.
my co-workers gave me a card that is so special to me.
a mug and a homemade cookie cake from my boss.
lots of hugs and goodbyes today.
i was holding it all in pretty well, but then i lost it. the tears spilled out for a second or two before i quickly made recovery.
i am going to miss working in a restaurant. 
the rush hour, the delivering and driving all over my town. meeting new people and making new friends.
the sizzle on the grill, and the 'clack clack clack' of a patty getting smooshed. the dishwasher and the old fifties music playing in the background.
having a story to tell everyday about the crazies and the awesome people that walked through the doors.
i am going to miss it so much.
 ^^the cake my boss made me. i eat a cookie everyday there, she knows how much i love them :D^^
 ^^the mug she got me :D^^

 ^^left to right, Mindy, Shelby, Christan, me & Donna^^
 ^^the boss lady^^

 ^^i couldn't have asked for a better boss^^

^^shelby, me, mindy and carrie :D^^
 ^^we always wrote notes on each others cups :D^^
 ^^mindy and me sneaking off during mule camp ;)^^

 ^^shelby and me being prissy ;)^^

 ^^last September on abbys last day :D^^

 ^^the boys working hard^^

it's been fun.


  1. Why did you quite your job? looks like it was an awesome place to work :)

    1. Hi Naomi! I quit my job because I am moving :D