Jan 6, 2014

the great hair growing adventure

so as many of you know, i have a pixie cut. and have had one for a year and a half.
as much as i love having a pixie, i am ready for my long hair back.
yep, it's time.

i love long and short hair but i hate in between hair ;/

my project for 2014 is to experiment with several different "potions" that "supposedly" makes your hair grow faster. and i will not cut my hair. at all.. and because i like to watch progression, on the 1st of every month i will be taking a photo of my hair (front and  back) to see how long its growing. 
i have done a LOT of research and i have come across several links.
here is my favorite link. ;)
lately i have been washing my hair with just baking soda.
if my hair is very greasy then i put a LITTLE of shampoo.
all i do is get a cup from the kitchen, pour in several tablespoons of baking soda, then take it with me to the shower. once in the shower i just swirl a little bit of water in the cup, making a pasty like mix and applying it all over my scalp.
i know that some people say baking soda should never be used in hair, but i also read a LOT of stories of women who use it weekly and have no problem.
i found several articles talking about how shampoo strips your scalp of it's natural oils, which i found very interesting.
anyway, here are my pictures from the first. :)
^^excuse my bad hair/ sneeze face...^^

and now i tell you what my goal is.
i am hoping that by the summer my hair will be long enough to put in a pony tail.
^^i'm HOPING to be the fourth one by summer^^

i will of course be keeping my blonde hair. i'd like to try a much lighter version though. and once my hair is long enough i am wanting/hoping/thinking about getting straight across bangs.... :D

so that's all folks!
i will be posting my hair progression of january in just a few weeks (February 1st) !!


  1. Your hair is adorable! I understand your wanting to grow it out, though. I had short hair for a while and missed my long locks after a little while. The cool thing is that you can always change it up :)

  2. Such a cool idea! I'm considering do the baking soda thing myself. My hair struggles with being dry and brittle, so maybe it would help. Anyway, thanks for sharing this neat stuff, and good luck! I'll be following you on your adventure.:)