Jan 28, 2014

Snow day!

 ^^I baked today^^ I baked this!^^

 ^^mah bestie^^

 i am not a big snow fan.
like, at all.
i was definitely not excited to see the yard showered in white fluff....
but... once i got out there and started chucking snowballs and sliding/ sledding down the hills, i thought maybe it's not that bad after all.
though i hope it's gone tomorrow ;)


  1. You are so totally lucky! All it's been doing here today is sleeting. Ach, I hate sleet, especially when we were supposed to get eight inches of nice, fluffy snow.

  2. See, I told you snow's not that bad. ;)

    It looks so pretty and the photos are great.

    1. LOL no it's bad. Today I am hating the snow. I want it to go bye bye ;)

    2. Ah, come on. Give the snow some slack. ;)