Jan 28, 2014

Snow day!

 ^^I baked today^^ I baked this!^^

 ^^mah bestie^^

 i am not a big snow fan.
like, at all.
i was definitely not excited to see the yard showered in white fluff....
but... once i got out there and started chucking snowballs and sliding/ sledding down the hills, i thought maybe it's not that bad after all.
though i hope it's gone tomorrow ;)

Jan 27, 2014

Life according to perry

^^been working on some film stuff lately. here i am crying for the cameras....
not the most flattering.... i think lauryn took it when i was telling her to be quiet LOL ;)^^

Jan 21, 2014

spark a reaction library film contest

alrighty. here ya go....
this is my entry for the library contest i have mentioned in my last post.
also, for all my film friends, you MUST look at this EXCLUSIVE FREE download at hitfilm~

Jan 16, 2014

film project~ spark a reaction~sneak peak

my library has a film contest every other summer, and the prize is $$.
the theme has always been the same, which is to encourage teens (or anyone) to read more during the summer.
i won the one they hosted three years ago, which provided for me to get a more professional editing software. 
my librarian suggested i entered this one and told me the cash prize was a LOT bigger then the last one i entered.
here are a few pics from the shots i've done so far.

the deadline is the 31st,  so i will post the finished product afterwards :D

Jan 15, 2014

girls just wanna have fun

 ^^i loved these sun glasses^^

 ^^photo booth^^

a great afternoon.
broke up the monotony of my days.
we made two trips to chick-fil-a, two trips to the mall and one trip to the abba house.
i purchased..
some high waisted shorts that were ONLY $5!!! i ADORE them.
some earphones that were $4. they are nice and squishy.
a gift.
and my necklace that abs made me above ^ (the green one) hers is the white.
i hope everyone has had a great day.
the hat? a LATE christmas present. they are supposed to be cat ears ^._.^ i wuv them.
and my nice blingy earphones :D