Dec 3, 2013

the great hiking adventure

 ^^i was feeling "waldo" ish or "the great kate weather machine" ish today ;)^^

 ^^that awesome moment when you turn into Hermione^^
 ^^"This tree is DEAD"!!!!^^
 ^^this pic is worth a thousand words.... sarah is like "oh i'm getting my picture taken!" matt is like disgusted with the ground, and yule looks like she just stepped on a snake...^^

----(below pc anna)----
 ^^classified info, nothing to see here ;) ^^
 ^^i was in the middle of saying "witchcraft" ;)
 ^^the pixie trio^^

 ^^nope, nothing odd going on here, go about your business ;)^^

oh the hiking adventures we went on today. it was cold and rainy and we got lost several times, and my hands are covered in thorn scars. my converses are soaked through and my socks brown from mud. we ran through the field and we jumped over creeks. we trespassed a few times, we avoided the coyote droppings beneath us and climbed trees. 
we reminisced in all the shooting spots where we filmed Robin Hood.
retold all our daring adventures of capture the flag games and remembered  our the battle scars from it all.
good times.

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