Nov 7, 2013

currently loving/ photos of late

Hey guys! It's been a while since I have posted.. At the moment I am on the couch with some aching jaws (had my wisdom teethies taken out monday) :( I just got up from a nap a little while ago.
Anyhoo here is  what I am currently loving...
Inspired by Miss Kelli.

I think this doo looks GREAT on her, super cute. I have been planning on getting my hair cut again, but didn't have a very good image of what I want. I think I have found what pixie I'm getting next ;) Love love love this pixie. I like the color as well. 

I have watched this show several times, but I went through it again over the past few weeks.
It's like a mini Downton Abbey, but with now as much drama or actors ;) Still a favorite of mine though ;)
Since I am missing four teethies, I am on a soup diet :( Cheese and Broccoli is one of my favs I think :D

I have never been a super girly girl or had much interest in makeup. But lately I have been having fun experimenting with certain kinds. I have always had reaaaalllly bad eye bags, so discovering concealer was like Christmas for me ;)

^^I do not own any of the above photos^^
I think that is all I can think of for my loves :D Here are some recent photos :D
 ^^Sissy and me in Barnes & Nobles^^
 ^^My aunt her baby cousin :D^^
 ^^Conversations with Siri...^^
 ^^Sophie being lazy^^
 ^^Lauryn and I playing around^^

 ^^Sophie wouldn't get off my lap^^

 ^^this is my new signature....dino peacocks ;)^^
 ^^my work gang, Halloween 2013^^

 ^^Left to right- Mindy, Shelby, Donna, Christan and me :D^^

 ^^Me right before I went in to get my wisdom teeth taken out....^^
^^Me after I got them taken out.... I couldn't feel my lips... Or tongue... Or chin, or face....^^

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  1. Mez might just have to copy your Currently Loving idea on my blog. :D

    Whaaaahhh, one of our convos made your blog! I feel famous. ;)

    As usual, I like seeing all the fun and random photos.