Oct 7, 2013

uhhh hi world

hi world.
been a while since i have posted.
and instead of listing off a bunch of lame excuses for the reason why, i'll just say i have had a bad case of photographers block.

i have been working on my morgs mondays (heres yesterdays).
i have been mulling over a lot of new ideas etc.
this blog needs a major re-do. (any volunteers to re-design?  ;))
i started watching the harry potters series for the first time (yeah they are preeeeetty good. no lie.
i have been reading this. oh and for those of you American Girl fans, notice that Tris is played by the girl who played Felicity? ;) "thought we wouldn't notice.... but we did."


if you wouldn't mind, my family is about to make a big change and could use some prayer.

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