Sep 5, 2013

"september saw a month of tears"

"September saw a month of tears

And thankin' God that you weren't here
To see me like that"
Taylor Swift

this time last year, things were so different.
i was going through a lot of hard times.
i dislike looking back on them....
i was jobless, and license-less and sammy-less, i was doing school and my hair was long & chicken yellow...
the people in my life were different then they are now.
some left.
and some came into my life.

i know i am different now.

like the title, september saw a month of tears. a lot of tears.
i guess i hit that stage of grief where i was angry about everything.
all the pain that had piled up just started spewing out.
i was a completely different person then, then i am now.
and i'm glad i am.
not everything has changed though.
i am still going through some hard times, but not as intense as they were then.
i learned a lot about standing up for myself.
i use to be very shy and timid.
not everything that comes out of my mouth is great these days.
but i'm glad i am no longer hiding behind fear & speaking up for myself.
i'm still going through stuff. but i already said that.

but i'm finding my way.

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