Sep 1, 2013

MI day 7 the last...

it was our last day.
we got up early and went to our family reunion. i met tons of relatives i didn't know, and got mistaken for someone else's kid more times then i care to count. we had a good time,( i got to ride a merry go round! yes, i know i'm 18, but i had a blast ;)) and we had a few good laughs ;) later, matt and i raided the corn field behind my grandparents house.
we had some goodbyes to make, and then we were on our way back to grandmas house to get ready to leave early in the morning. it was dinner time and we were all hungry, so dad and i ran up the road to get some famous pizza (which made me sick... more on that later) but it was good. my grandmother was not feeling well, so my dad and aunt took her to the hospital where she stayed overnight. my dad didn't get back till 2 am. we were all very worried about her, but i heard she is feeling a little better. we had to say goodbye to my aunt and grandma then because we were leaving early morning... it was sad.
a few hours later, we were on our way home (where i am typing this now).
latergrams and the rest of the photos will be up asap.

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