Sep 17, 2013

where the wild things are


 ^^My favorite^^
my sweet brother matt blessed me by taking some new pics of moi :D

Sep 16, 2013

nostalgic road walking

if you are a faithful follower ;) then you know how me and my friends have this obsession with walking the roads. the other night we took it to a whole new level, by walking waaaaaaay down the road to the park.
we came home and watched a movie, like we usually do.
and then they left and i went and watched movies till 3 am ;)

walking the roads is something special to me that i can't explain. 
it takes me back to the past two years and all the good times.
i am going to miss them.

Sep 9, 2013

Morgs Mondays// 20 facts about me vlog

hope you enjoyed my first Morgs Monday!
till next Monday!
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Sep 5, 2013

"september saw a month of tears"

"September saw a month of tears

And thankin' God that you weren't here
To see me like that"
Taylor Swift

this time last year, things were so different.
i was going through a lot of hard times.
i dislike looking back on them....
i was jobless, and license-less and sammy-less, i was doing school and my hair was long & chicken yellow...
the people in my life were different then they are now.
some left.
and some came into my life.

i know i am different now.

like the title, september saw a month of tears. a lot of tears.
i guess i hit that stage of grief where i was angry about everything.
all the pain that had piled up just started spewing out.
i was a completely different person then, then i am now.
and i'm glad i am.
not everything has changed though.
i am still going through some hard times, but not as intense as they were then.
i learned a lot about standing up for myself.
i use to be very shy and timid.
not everything that comes out of my mouth is great these days.
but i'm glad i am no longer hiding behind fear & speaking up for myself.
i'm still going through stuff. but i already said that.

but i'm finding my way.

Sep 3, 2013

The journey home from MI...

 ^^Indiana at 6 in the morning...^^
 ^^the golden arches...^^
 ^^yum yum breakfast^^
 ^^nicest mcdonalds i've ever been in...

 ^^me looking oh so fabulous^^

 ^^so happy to get out of Indiana.. (not that anything is wrong with it, but five hours of just corn on both sides of the road is boring ;))^^
 ^^Kentucky bridge near Louisville.^^
 ^^the oh so lovely Tennessee^^
 ^^matt brushing lauryns hair^^
 ^^matt doodled batman on a bike^^

 ^^a coke slushy from meijer^^

sunday morning.
4 am, we were up and at em.
i didn't feel good. i was shaking and thought i was about to toss my cookies. which wouldn't be as bad if i knew i wasn't going to be stuck in the car for 12/ 13 hours.. i started feeling better though as we left. thank God.
we said goodbye to my grandfather, which was sad.
my grandma and aunt were still at the hospital.
the road home was loooooong. Indiana was shorter this time around, cuz it was dark and we were watching movies.
matt and i watched epic and salt. i had a few blonde moments on the way, but i'll save those for another time.
matt and i started getting really obnoxious and hyper on the way down. my mom threatened to change our seats. we piped down.
after FORVER driving highways, we arrived home, and it was awesome.
we had a good vacation in MI. glad we got to go.
now back to normal life...