Aug 3, 2013

the day i turned 18

the more i think about it, the more weird it sounds.
i feel like i have been pushed from behind the door called "childhood" and am now staring ignorantly at the "adult hood" door before me.
which is weird.
and sad.
on one hand i love the fact that i don't have to have an adult with me now to purchase SPARKLERS (for pete's sake...) but on the other i don't like the feeling of "being on my own" now.
before, i had to rely on everything from my parents. and have them sign whatever it was i was doing.
now i'm signing my own papers.
now i can vote.
and now i don't have a curfew on my driving.
now i can get my ears pierced by myself.

this is all new to me.

but i had the best day ever. the end.
p.s any photos with me IN the photo were obs not taken by me. picture credit goes to anna, callah, sarah, mom, ash and lauryn. thank you guys all so much for documenting my day :D
^^mom and dad surprised me with a cookie cake^^

 ^^we played a rousing game of telephone^^

^^i was a little excited about the sparklers^^

 ^^ the kids decorated everything for me. i had disney princess balloons and streamers.^^

 ^^matt woodburned me the tapestry from brave. i've been wanting him to make me one forever. he did a great job^^
^^the boys trying to make firewood^^

^^mom and i spent the afternoon shopping at the mall. we had a blast^^
^^we got stylish new sunglasses^^
 ^^ i was SO excited about finding a disney store. i was freaking out^^
 ^^me and sulley!!!!!!^^
 ^^me and perry the platypus!!^^
^^my favorite pixar buddies^^
 ^^me getting tatted up. yes i was nervous^^

 ^^poor anna's fingers were purple^^

 ^^i'm very very happy with my tat. i do and don't advise getting your first one done on the hip/stomach though (do because hip tats are usually pretty small, and you definitely want a small one as a first tat. don't because it is ticklish and tender ;)). i'm a little ticklish so i had to hold my breath a lot. but the whole thing took about ten minutes. easy peezy. i mean, it hurt, but it wasn't unbearable pain. the best way i can describe it is a needle scraping across bad sunburn. i also got my belly button pierced which didn't hurt that bad in the moment, but dang it hurts now. ^^
^^sorry this isn't the most flattering picture, but she didn't use a clamp or anything. she just used her fingers and shoved the needle up. hence my really really red blotchy stomach. ;)^^
^^sarahs cute ;)^^

^^my sweet dad being silly^^

Oh and I made a really really cool vid that documents my whole day :D


  1. Happy 18th! Looks like an immensely fun day (and I LOVE your tattoo!)