Aug 16, 2013

prepare to be amazed at my awkwardness|| vlog

i made a vlog..... finally. sorry for the bad quality and the constant run on sentences... i have a tendency to babble. alot.

a few other questions...

1. four random things about yourself?
i tape bugs to the floor instead of squish them..
i don't really like josh hutchersons acting now, but i love him when he was little...
i love target.. i go there almost every payday...
i hate rice and fish but love sushi.
2. board or card games?
card games. hands down. i am fascinated with card decks. i love the game nertz.
3. do you use chapstick?
not really. only if I'm desperate. 
4. favorite fairy tale you wish were true?
the little mermaid. how awesome would that be?!

hope you enjoyed my awkward vlog, i shall be making more soon ;)

1 comment:

  1. Hey, it wasn't that awkward. :)

    I'm totally with you on not liking bugs. And card games are my favorite too.