Aug 31, 2013

MI day 6

^^here i have a bad case of the 'coon eyes ;)^^
^^you see that orange poll out there? yeah, it's a lot farther then it looks, and matt and i held on to it for dear life ;)^^

yesterday night my dad was re-united with  his lifelong friend, who is more of a brother to him. it was cool to finally meet the guy (Keith) my dad was always in my dads crazy stories. and believe me... they are crazy ;) we had dinner with them at the lake, then we dove in. it wasn't as clear as the spot we were in last time, but it was still fun. matt and i swam out over the big waves to the orange poll thing out there.... we held on for dear life ;) a little while later we went back to Keith and his family's home for smores. we had a good time listening to my dad and Keith re-tell all their stories.
we ended the night with us girls watching our third cinderella movie of the week, ever after. 
it was a good day. ;)
^^my dad and Keith^^

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